Our courses have been carefully put together with countless hours of market research and production and are designed for people that are serious about property education.

The content of our courses aren’t pulled together from any other courses out there and nothing in our course can be considered regurgitation of stale, old, out of date or irrelevant material.

Hence, we take our intellectual property, copyright and efforts very seriously.

Our courses are aimed at imparting  very specific insights from the world of property investing and we have a very specific way of delivering our content to you – the core objective being ACTION.

We do not believe in providing you hours upon hours of video content just to fill your headspace with the same junk you will come across in all the property seminars across Australia and New Zealand.

In order for you to retain, absorb and apply (in other words take ACTION) all the knowledge from our courses, it is imperative that all students follow a specific lesson pathway that has been designed for you.

This pathway didn’t come about just by random chance. We have spent countless hours mapping and understanding the best way for delivering power-packed content that will enable you to take action.

It is for this reason you will notice that you can’t jump around between various lessons in the course or skip through the videos or do any of the things that we feel will be a detriment to your learning experience with us.

our courses are designed to help you take action

When you purchase a course from us, you receive 2 types of Money Back Policies.

  1. Refund under the 10-Day Refund Policy
  2. Refund under the 90-Day Performance Guarantee

We are the only Real Estate education provider currently offering a performance guarantee.

Naturally, we must make sure you have followed our steps and completed all the lessons in the way we expected you to – without that, we have no way of making sure we can deliver you the ACTION we promised when you signed up with us.

Course Milestones

In each course, you will come across Sections and in each Section, there are a few lessons.

Depending on the course and the combination you have purchased, sections will become available at certain intervals.

For example, in the Real Estate Investment BASICs course, the first section, which is “Understanding the Market” is unlocked immediately after you sign up.

There are 4 lessons in that section and given the nature of the content, we recommend you take one lesson each day. This allows for you to do the follow up tasks mentioned in the lessons and retain the knowledge before you overload yourself with information and then not remember anything after a day or so.

The next section, in this example, won’t be unlocked until 4 days after the first section was unlocked.

Even within a locked section, you won’t be able to skip one lesson and go to the next without completing the entire lesson first.

You might find this a little controlling at first, but you will surely thank us later because it is this structured approach that will help you take action – none of the other courses provide this, which is probably why 98% of students from those other courses, never end up taking any action.

Now while you’re going through a section, you will receive additional notices and email from us with supplementary information that is designed to enhance your overall learning experience.

The example on the right, shows you how this works.

Students or Scammers?

The 10-day money back guarantee has been used in the past by some rogue students who try to abuse the system and access our intellectual property for free.

Here’s what some students have tried to do in the past:

They sign up, and start going through the lessons really quickly. Almost blazing through the lessons as if the world is coming to an end tomorrow.

They then try to download our content through all kinds of creative ways and then contact us on the 8th or 9th day asking for a refund.

In the past, our learning platform was ineffective in catching this type of behavior.

However, This DOES NOT work anymore.

Like it says at the top of the page…our courses are designed for serious learners. With the implementation of our course compliance feature (Milestones, section locks, lesson locks, sequential release of lessons, video heat-maps, progression alerts etc), we are now able to catch such scammers with ease and efficiency like never before.

Every aspect of your learning is tracked and if we detect any rogue activity, not only will your account get blocked, Property Magnets reserves all legal rights and remedies to bring proceedings against you for breach of copyright and theft of intellectual property.

the 10-Day Refund Policy in plain english

Based on the lesson plan, you will only have access to the first 10 lessons in the Real Estate Investment BASICs course during the first 10 days.

You will not receive access to any of the complimentary, free services (e.g the Deal Analysis Software, 3D Floor Planning software, SMART Property Alerts, CAGROO) until you’ve gone past lesson #11 in the BASICs course or Day 10 and that too, only in relevance to the course.

So, if you have signed up for the BASICS + SMART Renovator course, you are meant to have access to the following:

  • Real Estate Investment BASICs
  • SMART Renovator
  • Deal Analysis Software
  • 3D Floor Planning Software

The Deal Analysis Software and the 3D Floor Planning software will only be released to you after you have crossed Lesson 10 in the BASICs course and the 3D floor planning tool when you’ve crossed Lesson 8 in the Renovator Course.

There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. There’s no point giving you access to something you don’t yet know how to use.
  2. We incur upfront costs in providing these services to you for free.

My team and I go above and beyond in making sure every student receives the best learning experience with hands' on, individualised attention. And then when we see some students taking Unfair advantage of our efforts, it's really disappointing

Manas Kumar
Founder, CEO

REFUND JUnkies - beware

If you are thinking of coming on-board with the pre-meditated intention of asking for a refund on the 8th or 9th day then please don’t bother signing up.

We are on a mission to weed out these scammers from our network…

With all the technology we have now implemented, WE WILL find these scammers and we will make sure we leave no stone unturned in protecting our business from such low lives.

Refund Theft – There’s actually an industry around this form of skull-duggery.


The URBAN Dictionary has a term for these serial refunders

But What About Legit Refund Requests?

Sure… if you have a legitimate reason under our Refund Policy and you’ve stayed on the lesson path, made every effort to evaluate our course properly and have taken every provable step to achieve results and ask for a refund under the 90-Day Performance Guarantee then of course, we will never say no.

All we ask is that just because we provide a 10-day refund doesn’t mean you signup with the whole intention of asking for a refund no matter how great our service or the course.


Any of the below will equip you with everything you need to fast track your chances of success.

If you’re serious about a transformation then follow the lesson plan that’s been set up for you.

Unless you’re super human, most people’s memory retention is less than 20 minutes of video content. This is the reason our average lesson time is under 20 minutes.

We have designed our lessons for busy people with plenty of items already competing for your headspace.

So pace yourself and try to focus on grasping the fundamentals of the lesson before you move on.

Our Student Support team is here to help you. Hence, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you want without hesitation.



Any of the below will lead to cancellation of any and all refund policies including cancellation of your account.

You will need to watch the entire video till the end before you can mark a lesson “complete” and move onto the next lesson in the sequence.

Do not try to record the screen, download, decrypt, copy or on-sell any of our templates, agreements, samples or legal contracts.

Please don’t use VPN, VPS, TOR or any similar Proxy device designed to mask your internet address. If you attempt to access the learning portal from an obfuscated IP address, any sluggishness, loss of access or termination cannot be considered as legitimate grounds for refund due to our service not being available.

Just Be Nice & Focus on Learning

Need help? Call our smart support team on +617 5641-0203 or +649 889-1324