The Fifth Column Is Needed Now More Than Ever Before

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The fifth column is not just an idea from the popular Sci-Fi Television Series called ‘V’, it is something every citizen and individual needs to know about and most importantly, do something about.

If you, the people, don’t pay attention to this, then I have no adjectives left to describe the state of slumber among the people.

3-Pillars od Democracy

The 3 Pillars of Democracy

Anyone that has studied economics or political science will know that the 3 pillars of democracy are

  1. The Executive Pillar (government, agency, institutions etc,),
  2. The Legislature Pillar (Parliament, assembly, congress, senate etc. ) and
  3. The Judiciary Pillar (Supreme Court, High Court etc.)

However, when the administration of a government begins to show signs of tyrannical oppression, that’s when the fourth pillar of democracy becomes the most important one.

The fourth pillar being The Monitor. This is not a traditional name for this 4th pillar and is open to interpretation. I use this word, because in my opinion, it adequately defines the function of the fourth pillar. In modern times, this fourth pillar is usually the media. In any healthy democracy, it is the media’s job to hold the other three pillars accountable.

It is done by encouraging debate, being combative and campaigning for the truth, no matter how difficult or controversial the truth may be. It is done by making sure that freedom of speech is maintained at all costs and the right for any citizen to hold an opinion is upheld, regardless of how damaging or divisive said opinions might be.

The media’s job is not to highlight all the good things the 3 pillars are doing. For that, the first pillar has a job description in the form of the “Government Spokesperson” or the “Ministry of Public Communication” that fulfills that function – letting people know all the good things they have been doing.

The media’s job is to constantly challenge the narrative. Probe, prosecute and debate. It is their job to serve as the platform from whence truth abounds.

It is no surprise that the first 3 pillars across all developed economies have severe cracks in them. Some are more rotten than others. But none are upstanding and wholesome. Anyone that has been through a lengthy court battle, has been a victim of hate-speech, cancel culture, woke-dom or just plain and simple political correctness, can attest to the deficiencies of the 3 pillars with vehemence.

The fourth pillar, being mainstream media, is operating at a completely new level of corruption and partisanship. I am about to expose you to something I have been following for a few months now. I have stayed away from talking about it up until now, because it is just “too much” for average folks to comprehend.

And frankly, I am getting tired of just talking about these issues, when I know, most of you aren’t doing anything significant about it, besides the 5- minutes, you spend thinking about it.

The time has come for a fifth column to rise up. Even though, you are unlikely to ever do anything about it, I am still choosing to write about it. If not for your good, then for my kids.

When they grow up, I want them to read these posts and know that their Dad, didn’t just stand on the sidewalk, while our civil liberties were being decimated. I did something. I spoke up.

But first, let’s break down the Fourth Column – the Monitor or the Media.

For all intents and purposes, I consider Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and such similar social media outlets to be a media company. The level of control these companies have on how the narrative shapes up, what people see, which videos get banned, which tweets get pushed up etc., is what makes these companies, far more powerful than the sum of all the news channels you watch on the telley.

I have been banned from Facebook completely. But the ban is such that I can still say what I want to say, its just that it will never see the light of day. I cannot boost a post. I cannot promote anything. Despite the thousands of followers we have on The Property Magnets Facebook page, our posts don’t reach more than 0.5% of our audience.

Our videos haven’t been banned from YouTube, they just don’t show up in search results.

Meaning, you can say what you want to say, they just won’t let others find it, let alone see it.
Back in the 80s, 90s and the early 2000s, overtly corrupt nations used to simply kill such people.

There are countless stories of outspoken people getting killed or falling at the hands of a deadly disease that showed up from nowhere or getting hit by a drunk driver – these are common… EVERYWHERE.

Don’t think that just because the impression is that countries like New Zealand, Australia, UK, US, Singapore etc have a well “governed” democracy, that such things don’t happen here. Remember, white collar (covert) corruption is far more difficult to detect and exponentially deadlier compared to blue collar corruption (overt).

These days, the media simply chokes you. If they can’t choke you, they ridicule you. If they can’t ridicule you, they #Cancel you. Either way, they only want the narrative that aligns with their version of the truth to be out there.

The media stops opinions by letting you speak to your own self – pretty much, how I feel about these blog posts sometimes… because despite more than 5,000 people reading each of my posts within 24 hours, I don’t see any change in the actions those people take after having read the post.

This is exactly what the fourth column wants. Only they can criticise the rest of the pillars.

Only they have the right to speak out, because they’ve been to broadcasting school or because they are the ones reading the 6pm news… or simply because they have the microphone.

The fact that 99% of the world population is in a state of deep slumber, it really helps because everyone is too busy with their own shit. No one has the time to do anything about anything really.

Add to that, the fact that the socialist doctrine has raised a generation of snowflakes that can’t handle the slightest hint of criticism and become a legion of woke warriors at a moment’s notice, and you have within the system, a sustainable energy source that gives fuel to the 4 pillars turning so fast, that nothing can come in or go out, without the unified agreement of all 4 pillars (with the media being in on the whole thing).


That’s messed up. Don’t you think?

However, what do you do, when they come together and instead of doing the public’s bidding, begin to feed you a carefully concocted narrative handed down by the 3 pillars.

Wanna see something even more messed up?

Go to google. Type the following in the search:

778 new cases

See what happens. You will see search results with EXACTLY that number showing up in the search results multiple times.

Now change 778 with any 3 digits high enough and add the phrase “new cases” after it. Hit search.

Try it with as many number combinations you want. You will find a search result that matches the exact number you entered in the search query with the number of C-19 cases.

Try anything. 777 New Cases or 888 New Cases or 999 new cases or 678 new cases… the outcome is the same.

What the hell does that mean?

Firstly, Google is controlling the search results. They are painting the picture of continuum in this pandemic. No matter where you go, “the virus is there”. No matter which country you are in, “the pandemic is global”. No matter what number you search, “people are dying and new cases are still rising”.

Secondly, the websites these search results point to aren’t any prominent websites. They are small blogs, regional domains or websites most of us have never heard of. Hence, it won’t be crazy to imagine that it is Google or an arms length entity of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, that runs and owns these domains and is able to “construct” content, on the fly. It is super easy to do that and for a company with Google’s resources, nothing is impossible. It is these search results that create the collective narrative that the world is under the clutches of a deadly pandemic and we must all lock everything down to #saveLives.

Thirdly, this is the age of information. How interesting it is that a media company with the power to control information, quickly becomes more powerful than the other 3 pillars of democracy, to the point where it can topple the very top of the pyramid if it wants to. Remember the Arab Spring, The Maidan Revolution, The Fall of Gaddafi, The Hong Kong Protests, The Russian Meddling Narrative… the list is long and the worst part is that we have all known about this shit for years. But did we do anything? I’m guilty of this too up until the world went mad in March, 2020. But my level of disgust against the system is at an all time high. So I am now doing something. In fact, I am doing 3 things.

  1. I am trying to teach as many of you as I can, everything I know about making money from an environment of crisis. Several hundred have already started equipping themselves with my strategies and are starting to build a solid financial backbone for themselves
  2. I am prepping myself for a major shift in the next 4 and half years that I can see clearly on the horizon. I #DoNotConsent to strategic vaccination, forced legislation or tactical violation of my civil liberties.
  3. I am educating my children everyday about what I know, teaching them how to become self-sufficient in every way, never having to depend on any other pillar but the pillar of their own consciousness to get ahead in life.

That, ladies and gents, is the real fifth column.

Build yourself to the point, where you can “exit” the system and tell them to #FuckOff with their tyrannical ideologies. Eat the food you want to eat, Drink the water you want to drink, Teach your children the values you want them to learn – do it your way. Not the way prescribed by the government.

My Life, #Me not #theState.

But… in order for you to do that, you need to make lots of money first. Sorry, there’s no easier way to say this. Not just money, you need to build significant wealth in a short space of time and this current state of chaos is the most opportune time for anyone to do that.

Yet, so many of you will read that last statement, and instead of thinking about your own future, your mind will race toward “oh, he’s trying to sell me a course”.

Yuri Bezmenov is watching you and laughing his ass off and Nietzsche is turning in his grave.

At the very least, ask yourself these 6 questions.

Adios amigos.

У этой истории нет конца

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