The end of bread and circus and what it means for property investing

bread and circus

Bread and Circus as a term is generally attributed to a Roman poet from 2 thousand years ago by the name of Juvenal. Back in the day, the term was used to critique the government of the time for appeasing the masses through food and entertainment – which is what places like the Colosseum were created for.

Monetary Policy: Leveraging from an irreconcilable economic fact

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Capitalism is not a self-organising structure. It needs cooperation between governments/central banks and market makers to keep things going. The problem, however is that central banks, that are meant to act as referees are becoming active players on the field with their exacerbating QE policies and forward guidance programs all in the name of “printing more FIAT currency”.

Interest Rates – Forget the Hawkish or Dovish – Lets speak plain English

The first and most important thing to understand is that when a central bank (e.g. the Reserve Bank of Australia or The Reserve Bank of New Zealand) reduces interest rates, its a strong signal that the central bank is looking to stimulate the economy.

Exposing the inconvenient truth

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