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From the basics of property investing all the way to executing complex property development strategies – our courses have something for everyone – yet all outcome driven.

We do not try to teach all things to everyone. Instead, our approach is to provide you with the options to suit your personal risk profile, background, understanding and financial bandwidth.


The property market consists of 5-key sectors where money is made.

Each sector has its own set of pros and cons and risk-reward ratios that vary from region to region.

Given the sheer scale and scope that lies in the Residential Real Estate space, our courses are focused heavily on that sector.

One Size Fits All?

Every Real Estate investor is different and the decision of whether to create your wealth in one sector or another should be driven by your knowledge, comfort, capabilities and access to the right team.

Our courses will teach you the basics of many things, however, you will have the opportunity to choose which aspect of property investing you wish to become a specialist in.

Top 3 mistakes

Most people that spend money on Real Estate Investment Education courses fall into the trap of making these 3 classical mistakes.

The well known educators out there or shall we say “Real Estate Entertainers” out there have a tendency of wanting to teach you everything about Real Estate Investing. Well, there’s not a single person alive that can teach you EVERYTHING. Even Warren Buffet can’t. So you don’t need to know EVERYTHING. You only need to know the stuff that’ll make you money. Simple.

These educators are great at selling courses. The more you attend these courses, the more you realise that the buck doesn’t stop there. You need to keep learning more. You need to keep buying additional upgrades, programs, modules or coaching time with these educators. No. You do not need to keep spending more to learn more. If  you didn’t apply what you learnt before , then chances are you won’t apply what you learn next.

No you don’t. If you’re waiting for the day when you become a master at investing, then you’re in the wrong place. We are not manufacturing masters here. Our goal is to Educate, Empower and Equip average Aussies and Kiwis with the actionable knowledge needed to create wealth through property. No mastery here. Just simple, actionable strategies that make money all day, everyday.

As a result, you go from one course to another, never achieving much (if any) success, let alone being able to create wealth through property. The end result of spending thousands here and there is a net negative outcome as far as your Real Estate investment aspirations are concerned.


There’s no shortage of courses and advice when it comes to property education. At Property Magnets, our aim is to deliver outcomes. Not just overload you with information that leads to nothing but a temporary sense of gratification that you’ve taken some action – but then what?

Property Investing Basics

Knowing how to invest in the property market is a key first step that many property enthusiasts tend to ignore.

Property Investing is a business and that’s exactly how the most successful property investors approach it.

The Real Estate Investment BASICs course is designed to provide a strong foundation in terms of understanding how the real estate market works.

This property investing course is ideal for anyone starting out in the world of real estate with no prior experience with buying properties.

Rental Income Portfolio

71% of property investors never go onto own more than 1 property in their entire lifetime. That’s a terrible statistic and one that should be of concern to all that are interested in creating wealth through property.

The SMART Portfolio Builder course is designed to equip you with the right tools and strategic approach for building a portfolio of high cash flow properties with speed and scale.

Cosmetic Renovations

If you love property  renovations but never really had the chance to get into it due to the typical funding challenges, then the SMART Renovator course is going to blow your mind.

Using Property Options, a powerful legal instrument, you will learn how to flip properties for a profit without ever using your own capital to do the renovation works. Its one of our most popular property options course.

Property Developer Course

Property Development is the ultimate expression of the most profitable aspect of Property Investing. However, with multiple moving parts, if you don’t know how to go through the process of property development, chances of substantial losses can be easily elevated.

The SMART Property Developer course is one of our most comprehensive course. It teaches you how to use property options for property development projects, with deep and actionable insights into the entire process from start to finish.

With advanced funding concepts, strategic planning all the way to execution – this is the ultimate property development course.

Become a Property Dealmaker

There are many ways to  make money from property. One of the least known ways is by becoming a property market maker.

Market making is a capital market term which basically means “intermediary”.

If you know how to play both sides of the market (the buy side as well as the sell side), then becoming a property deal maker (or market maker) is the fastest and the smartest way to make money from property without having to own them or carry significant financial risk.

The Property Market Maker course is our first global course.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs are an incredibly powerful instrument that can be used to create significant cashflow and capital gains from the property market without owning actual properties.

The REIT Masters course teaches everything you need to know to find, analyse and invest in high quality Real Estate Investment Trusts that trade on public exchanges such as the ASX, NZX, NASDAQ, SGX and more.

REITs are incredibly powerful in times of crisis and this course is also part of our Crisis Investing series.

Crisis Fundamentals

Covid-19 has changed our world forever. As much as it has been the bringer of bad news for many, if you look from an investors’ point of view, the opportunities emerging from this crisis are just as unprecedented as the crisis itself.

However, just knowing about these opportunities isn’t enough. It is important to know how to read the market during a crisis and navigate your way through the plethora of traps and noise to get to the pot of gold.

The Crisis Fundamentals Course is also part of the Crisis Investing Series.

Overcoming Obstacles

Action among property investors that go through a property investing course of some sort is very low. In most cases, the lack of action has a lot to do with the investors’ personal mindset as well as a number of self-limitations they impose upon themselves without ever realising it.

It is for this reason, we introduced a powerful personal development course designed for property investors. The purpose of the Overcoming Obstacles course is to help property enthusiasts overcome their personal limitations, overcome their fears and move from just “in love with property” to “making money from property”.

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