Property Developer Course

Welcome to the “BIG MONEY”.  Property Developing is by far the most lucrative of all investment verticals within the Real Estate industry.  If you know the inside secrets, the amount of money you can make is just INSANE.

Our SMART Property Developer course is designed to teach you the inside secrets of the wealthy and how you too can cash in on the property development boom if you have certain skills.

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Before you get your hopes up...

Not everyone has what it takes to be a successful individual – let alone be successful in Real Estate investing – even more let alone, being successful as a property developer.

It is our moral duty to point out that NOT EVERYONE will be successful at property developing, no matter how many secrets and tips we teach you about.  In our experience, we have identified certain core skills that seem to be the absolute essential skills needed to be successful in Property Developing.

The list on the right, is not designed to discriminate, nor is it an absolute list. There are skills you can acquire and if you decide to enrol in this course, we will help you acquire some or all of those skills. However, it must be made clear from the get go that you are responsible for your own success.

Our courses do not aim to teach you any life skills – that’s for your life coach.  We will teach you everything you need for being successful as a developer – some pre-requisites need to be acquired on your own.

Key Skills

Your Mind Will Be Blown

Our SMART Developer module is by far the most action oriented and feature rich course in the market. With ground breaking insights such as property options coupled with tools such as our Deal Mapper, your mind is sure to be BLOWN with what you can achieve from this course alone.

Property Options

Learn how the wealthy get into property development with ZERO money upfront and with ZERO financial risk.

Secret Weapon

With a well documented option agreement, you can profit from a deal without putting any $$ upfront.
What The? Really?

Deal Finder

We've partnered with the top industry data vendors to create a tool which you can find deals in seconds.

Killer Tool

Enter a suburb, load the map, find the site (according to your criteria), click a couple of buttons and you're ready to roll.
Intrigued. Tell me more.

Deal Network

Have a site? Don't want to go through the DA yourself? Well, flick it to our network of dealers and make a hefty finders fee

Quick Cash

This is an amazingly simple and lucrative way to make money from developments - without actually doing anything.
How does it work?

Expected Outcomes For Property Developer Course

Our goal is to make it tangible and possible for you to engage in the property development business and make money from it. For that, we have 3 specific outcomes we aim to impart to you.

Short Options – A strategic approach to making quick cash from a property development deal without engaging in the process of the actual development.

Full Scale Development – A tactical approach to using property options to de-risk a transaction, use someone else’s money to engage in the development process.


Key Highlights

Deal Mapper - A Tool Like No Other

Part of our mandate to our students, besides empowering, educating and equipping them with the knowledge is to do the same with modern tools and resources.  The Deal Mapper tool is something Property Magnets has developed in partnership with third party application vendors in this space – the final result – MIND BLOWN AGAIN!

Deal Mapper comes with advanced 3D mapping integrated right into the core

Integrated with RP Data, Domain, Core Logic,

Instantly generate townhouse and apartment designs that meet government guidelines.

Built-in zoning information factors in your pre-defined rules for deal hunting.

View comparable sales data and current market data in real time in one place.

Zoning information, permitted uses, other property info at a glance.

Quick List

Advanced Learning Platform

Our Smart Property Education course is delivered via our rich and versatile online learning platform.

The Platform is 100% web based and available across all modern devices. In addition to being able to watch the video content on the learning platform website, you can also stream the content directly onto your television set using Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

The video player has “airplay” options enabled so pushing the content onto a bigger screen for the whole family is just one click away.

Course Curriculum for the Property Developer Course

0% Bull Sh*T. 100% Action.

The world of Property Development is filled with mystery and a sense of envy. How do these guys make so much money? Well there`s a process to it and in this lesson you;ll learn exactly what the drivers are for the Development world and how some of the things you may know to be true are actually a load of BS.

In this lesson you will learn all about the role of town planning, councils and the approval process in your development projects. This is an intricate topic so you`ll need to bring all the focus and attention you can because we will be covering a lot of ground in just this one lesson.

SMART investors always work with a team of specialists and as a SMART Property Developer, your greatest asset in your journey to creating wealth through property is going to be in the strength of your team. In this lesson, you will learn the various specialists you need to bring together in your team.

another success trait that you will find if you study successful investors is that they always have a clinical approach to building their property wealth. In this lesson you will learn the right structures for asset protection, the systems and the processes you need to standardise in order to maximise your efforts and be efficient.

Options Masterclas

The Property Developer course includes our Options Masterclass section that has been adapted specifically for Property Development.

What are Options: Options are a powerful legal instrument that SMART Property Investors use to reduce their risk, minimize their financial exposure and maximise their overall profits. In this lesson, you will get a crash course in Options, how they work, why they work and how you can make them work for your SMART Property Development projects.

Being a legal instrument, Options have a standard framework for how they work. However, in this lesson, you will learn what the framework is in the context of SMART Property Development projects bypassing all the other inconsequential details that a lot of Real Estate entertainers will overload you with – We stick to what matters, not what fills up the course content.

After you`ve been exposed to the power of options, this lesson will bring the overall strategy in the context of SMART Property Developments. You will learn how some of the key aspects of property options will provide you with the advantage against all other developers to not only secure deals but make consistent profits in a short space of time with minimum upfront cash.

You`ve already learnt the value of defining your exit before you contemplate your entry into a property transaction in the Real Estate Investment BASICS course. In this lesson, you will learn the 3 options you have for an exit in a development project. With the knowledge you`ll gain from this lesson alone, you will have a clear pathway for planning your future SMART Property Development projects with a clinical approach and a well defined exit strategy.

Number crunching is a big part of understanding whether or not a property development project is actually worth engaging in. In this lesson you will be exposed to the tools and methods that you will use in order to run feasibility on a property development project. If the numbers don`t make sense, you just don`t engage. Move onto the next potential deal.

SMART Property Developers carry the lowest possible risk. The lower the risk, the higher your chances of getting funded for your project and in this lesson you will learn the number one secret weapon SMART Property Developers use in order to de-risk the deal.

Besides other things, one of the reasons mosy property development projects fail is because most developers out there don`t understand how to preserve their capita. In this lesson you will learn how to use the SMART strategies we teach to limit your capital exposure.

By this time in the course, you`re already aware of the 3 main ways you can exit a property development project. In this lesson, we will dive into the risk vs. reward dynamics of each of those exit options, providing you with an objective view into each and equipping you with the ability to make an informed decision as to which exit strategy you will use going forward.

In this lesson, you will get a complete stage by stage breakdown of how a deal comes together from end to end. This is a reading lesson where you will get a complete list of costs, legalities, risks, critical success factors, potential points of failures, ideal outcomes and time frames for every step of the deal.

In this lesson you will get a full list of legal documents you will interact with during the course of a SMART Property Development project. We will identify some potential points of failure and share our experiences with you so that you can avoid making those mistakes.

This is the most fun part of our courses. In the Mock Deals section, you will run a few real world deal scenarios with your referring partner or a mentor from the Property Magnets Mentoring team. The idea here is to bring you out of the world of theory that you would have been immersed in thus far and drop you into a practical situation to give you a taste of exactly how a SMART Property Development deal works.

In this lesson, you will have the list of all the documents, contracts, resource links, sample deals, sample reports, templates and logins for additional tools and all external references we have made throughout the course – all in one place.

Property Developer Course

Loaded with all the tools you'll ever need

Enough of the multitude of courses out there that require you to keep paying for more and more before you start getting the full use of whatever they are trying to teach you. Our course, as advanced as it is, comes with all the tools, resources, templates and support you will need to be able to start making money right away.

our most advanced course - equipped with 3 SMART tools. Feasibility. 3D and KYD ANALYSIS.


feasibility-report copy

Feasibility calculator - the way it should be

Have you seen the property development feasibility calculators out there? You’d need to go back to project management school just to understand how to operate those things… Yikes… what a drag.

We’ve gone away from the UN-SMART way of running feasibility on development projects to a much more simplified, yet uncompromising approach.  Remember, the objective of our SMART Property Developer course is to provide you short term cash to fund your long term picture – BUILDING A PORTFOLIO.

This feasibility calculator will show you in less than a few mins, how much you can earn from either of the 3 possible exits you have in a deal as a SMART Developer.

Phased funding calculation

The biggest point of failure for property developers is with regards to funding. Well, not for the SMART Property Developers…

Thanks to our advanced feasibility calculator (advanced in its thinking, not necessarily its operations), as soon as you enter the base parameters, the system quickly provides you a breakdown of funding you will need and how you can split it in two phases – why? Well, you need to do the SMART Property Developer course to learn this secret.

Property Development Feasibility Report
Property Development Feasibility Calculation

Post d/a soft equity calculation made simple

Once you have entered comparable sales values…in just a couple of clicks, you can see the post D/A valuation for a deal. The difference in the post D/A value and the pre-D/A value is commonly called soft equity.

The SMART Property Developer course provides valuable insights into understanding how to use this soft equity to achieve full funding from the lender without putting forward any of your own money.

YES. IT IS A HUSTLE. Big Money, needs Big **l*s.

Ready to rock the show with pre-sales

All our graduates know that unless you have a pre-sale, you are not engaging in a deal. It is for this reason, we have decided to include the super awesome 3D Floor Planning tool, free for 12 months for all students taking the SMART Property Developer course.

Property Development Pre-Sales

We've Completely Changed THe Game

Being able to create stunning floor plans with furnished room layouts and full scale 3D walk-through maps is a real game changer for the e SMART Property Developer. Check out what’s included in the course when you sign up to the SMART Property Developer series – its all you’ll ever need to be a pro.

includes 12 mth subscription to a powerful 3d floor planer - Your Ticket to property options glory!

3D Floor Map for Property


Considering you’re only going to be doing cosmetic renovations, we have already embedded a standard template for all our students inside the app.

One-click and your floor plans are automatically transformed according to the template.  Its just SO EASY.

Live walk-through plans

This course teaches you how to profit from renovations using a powerful property Option strategy which is grounded in the idea of being able to achieve a pre-sale early on in the piece. 

With this tool, and the amazing 3D as well as live walk-through plans, achieving a pre-sale is so much easier & SMARTER.

3D Walkthrough Floor maps
2d Floor Maps

Order from a sketch or a 2d plan

You can upload a hand-drawn sketch of the floor plan or upload the standard 2D plan from the council. The team usually turns it around into a beautiful 3D plan (fully furnished) the next business day.

Unbelievable! Now anyone can renovate – the SMART way.

Software provided for 12 mths free. Includes 55 credits. On average it takes 27 credits to package one Renovation deal. Further credits cost approximately $1.25.

We don't just talk - we equip

Property education has no value if it isn’t accompanied with relevant and SMART tools to help you achieve the outcomes promised by the course. Our approach is simple.

First we EDUCATE you with our outcome driven courses, then

We EQUIP you with our powerful tools and after that,

We continue to EMPOWER you through our mentoring programs and ongoing support.

Comes with a Powerful deal feasibility calculator that's simple & easy to use

Visual, Simple, Precise

Throughout all our courses, you will learn how to quickly and accurately crunch numbers for a deal – whether its for a Renovation job, a Portfolio play or a Development Deal.

Designed to not bog you down in the realm of analysis-paralysis, our process, once you’ve learnt it will make you a DEAL ANALYSIS GURU.

Property Investment analysis
investment property Cashflow projections

Strategic, Big Picture

Knowing what a deal looks like 3-5-10 years down the line is a powerful way to stay on top of the big picture while at the same time, not lose sight of what’s in front of you, right here, right now.

The methods and calculation formulae you will learn about throughout our courses are already embedded inside the software so you don’t have to second guess or learn something new.

Everything you need is right there at your fingertips… Ready for action.

Automatic offer calculation

Most investors make the classic mistake of trying to make a deal fit the parameters. Its like putting a square peg inside a round hole. Our teaching says – if the numbers don’t work, don’t force them to work.

On that same note, we introduce all our students to the idea of making the deal fit the numbers instead of the other way around.

With our KYD process, you will know what price the deal needs to be, in order for it to make sense – That’s what becomes your OFFER to the vendor. SIMPLE. SLICK. SMART.

Property investing offer calculator
property investment report

Ready For Rock N'Roll

In our courses, you will also learn a lot about presenting your deals to the lenders with increased chances of getting them funded. The number one success factor here, is how you present the deal.

Lenders look for certain things in a deal. With one click, you can print our beautiful, crisp and number-friendly reports that your accountant, your banker, your mortgage broker and most importantly you – will ALL FALL IN LOVE WITH.

View SAMPLE Report

A Real Game Changer for our students

It is hard to find another property education brand out there that provides so much value to its students. All, through the power of combining action with outcomes.

Clinical Approach

The BASICS course when coupled with our Deal Analysis solution, provides you an out-of-the-box, clinical approach to analysing deals. A process you can follow and master in absolutely NO TIME.

Analyse With Speed

Everything we do is designed for SPEED and SCALE and our companion tools are no different. With this solution, once you’ve grasped it, you’ll be doing deal analysis in under 3 mins for each deal.

Use It Anytime, Anywhere

With the companion mobile app that’s compatible for both Android and iOS devices, your deals are sync’d across all devices. Start a deal on the home PC and view it on your phone while on site. SMART.

Zero Learning Curve

Its intuitive. Its simple. Its easy and its precise. With the additional support and video tutorials available, you’ll be up and running and crunching numbers in absolutely no time at all.

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