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The SMART Portfolio Builder course is an add-on to the Real Estate Investment Basics course. It is aimed at teaching you the real world strategies for building a cash flow positive asset base with a goal of retiring 100% debt free FAAST!!!

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Expected Outcomes

The SMART Portfolio Builder module is designed for a more passive investor interested in building a strong asset base.

The ideal candidate understands the credit risks, financial outlays and the realistic time frames surrounding a cash flow based property portfolio building exercise.

The course aims at teaching you the key strategies and tactics used by the SMART and wealthy investors around the world for building a strong positive cashflow asset base.

Understanding where to buy, when to buy, when to sell, how to hold and more… that’s what this module is all about.

Key Highlights

Analysis of the financial viability of a transaction is the first step in making sure you come out the other end with a big fat cheque in your hand.

If you fumble at the entry end, there’s no way you will win coming out the other end. Hence, pre-investment analytics is an absolutely imperative aspect of real estate investing.

Not every deal that comes across your desk is worth investing in. As a sophisticated investor, you will learn how to carve out your own investment criteria based on your own risk profile, financial bandwidth and long term objectives.

You will learn how to create your own feasibility methods and understand which deal is worth looking into.

Being able to negotiate like a tough bastard is part of achieving long term success in any business let alone Real Estate. If you don’t have the stomach for this, then now’s the time to bail out. Real Estate is an industry where if you don’t negotiate well, you’ll walk away with money on the table all day, every day.

Remember, the mark of a Real Estate mogul is that of a tough negotiator – doesn’t mean you have to be a meany… you just need to know how to get what you want.

It starts with understanding your household balance sheet and knowing what you can afford today so you can plan for tomorrow.

In this module you will learn how to become “credit-able” in the eyes of a lender. How to put together your deals so you get funded every time and most importantly, how to make sure you become debt free and financially free within 10 years.

Like any business, your property portfolio needs to be well managed. Each property has its own accounting and taxation entries that need to be managed and you need a system to handle all that.

Well before you go out there and buy yourself a complex property management software, consider what you need to manage to begin with. You’ll know all this by the end of this module.

Quick List

Advanced Learning Platform

Our Smart Property Education course is delivered via our rich and versatile online learning platform.

The Platform is 100% web based and available across all modern devices. In addition to being able to watch the video content on the learning platform website, you can also stream the content directly onto your television set using Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

The video player has “airplay” options enabled so pushing the content onto a bigger screen for the whole family is just one click away.

GROW your portfolio with speed &
scale like never before

rapid action plan

In the SMART Portfolio Builder course, you will be exposed to a powerful, yet incredibly simple roadmap to achieving a multi-million dollar portfolio in a matter of 5-7 years with $200,000* in starting equity.

* No financial advice given. Our strategies are for educational purposes

We don't just talk - we equip

Property education has no value if it isn’t accompanied with relevant and SMART tools to help you achieve the outcomes promised by the course. Our approach is simple.

First we EDUCATE you with our outcome driven courses, then

We EQUIP you with our powerful tools and after that,

We continue to EMPOWER you through our mentoring programs and ongoing support.

Our courses come with a Powerful deal analysis solution free for the first 12 months

Visual, Simple, Precise

Throughout all our courses, you will learn how to quickly and accurately crunch numbers for a deal – whether its for a Renovation job, a Portfolio play or a Development Deal.

Designed to not bog you down in the realm of analysis-paralysis, our process, once you’ve learnt it will make you a DEAL ANALYSIS GURU.

Property Investment analysis

Strategic, Big Picture

Knowing what a deal looks like 3-5-10 years down the line is a powerful way to stay on top of the big picture while at the same time, not lose sight of what’s in front of you, right here, right now.

The methods and calculation formulae you will learn about throughout our courses are already embedded inside the software so you don’t have to second guess or learn something new.

Everything you need is right there at your fingertips… Ready for action.

investment property Cashflow projections

Automatic offer calculation

Most investors make the classic mistake of trying to make a deal fit the parameters. Its like putting a square peg inside a round hole. Our teaching says – if the numbers don’t work, don’t force them to work.

On that same note, we introduce all our students to the idea of making the deal fit the numbers instead of the other way around.

With our KYD process, you will know what price the deal needs to be, in order for it to make sense – That’s what becomes your OFFER to the vendor. SIMPLE. SLICK. SMART.

Property investing offer calculator

Ready For Rock N'Roll

In our courses, you will also learn a lot about presenting your deals to the lenders with increased chances of getting them funded. The number one success factor here, is how you present the deal.

Lenders look for certain things in a deal. With one click, you can print our beautiful, crisp and number-friendly reports that your accountant, your banker, your mortgage broker and most importantly you – will ALL FALL IN LOVE WITH.

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property investment report

A Real Game Changer for our students

It is hard to find another property education brand out there that provides so much value to its students. All, through the power of combining action with outcomes.

Clinical Approach

The BASICS course when coupled with our Deal Analysis solution, provides you an out-of-the-box, clinical approach to analysing deals. A process you can follow and master in absolutely NO TIME.

Analyse With Speed

Everything we do is designed for SPEED and SCALE and our companion tools are no different. With this solution, once you’ve grasped it, you’ll be doing deal analysis in under 3 mins for each deal.

Use It Anytime, Anywhere

With the companion mobile app that’s compatible for both Android and iOS devices, your deals are sync’d across all devices. Start a deal on the home PC and view it on your phone while on site. SMART.

Zero Learning Curve

Its intuitive. Its simple. Its easy and its precise. With the additional support and video tutorials available, you’ll be up and running and crunching numbers in absolutely no time at all.

Rental Property Portfolio

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