Real Estate Investment Trust Handbook PDF

Real Estate Investment Trust Handbook

Real Estate Investment Trusts are a powerful way to take advantage of the current turmoil in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Use this handbook to get a high level understanding of how REITs work and the various ways you can take advantage of these brilliant instruments.

What's Included in This Handbook

The REIT Handbook is designed for anyone interested in getting a quick understanding of what Real Estate Investment Trusts are. The Handbook is designed to provide a high level overview of REITs.

It also provides insights into 2 well known and smart investment strategies that are popular with REITs around the world.

The Handbook is a great starting point for anyone that wants to participate in the real estate industry as an investor but doesn’t have the necessary capital needed to buy properties.

Supercharge Your Efforts With The REIT Masters Course

If you’re new to real estate and aren’t sure how to find good investment properties, buying shares in a publicly traded REIT might be a fantastic way to get started in the world of property.

In most cases, you can start with just a few hundred dollars and if you understand how to trade these REITs, there’s substantial money to be made during the post-covid economic turmoil.

What is your money worth
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What is your money worth?

In today’s world, it is important for everyone to consider a wealth growth plan. With the current shape of the economy and the legislative changes taking place around Property Investing, what was once a sure shot way of creating wealth is no longer as simple as it once used to be.

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House Prices Shooting Up - STILL
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House Prices Going Up Or Coming Down?

House Prices and the consensus across Australia and New Zealand is confusing, to say the least. In an environment where MSM can no longer be trusted to bring forth the truth, what choices do property investors have? Not many.

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3 Big Brands You Didn't Know Were REITs

You may not be aware but if you live in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore, chances are you’ve either used these companies or have driven past them at some point in your life. All of them are REITs, which means, you can trade them on the stock market and make money from the brands you are familiar with and have experienced their services before.

Owners of Westfield Shopping Centres

Scentre Group (ASX:SCG) is an Australian owned Real Estate Investment Trust that owns all the popular westfield shopping centres across Australia and New Zealand.

This REIT has solid assets on their books and payid 11c dividentd per share in their last payout.

Real Estate Investment Trust New Zealand

Owners of Sylvia Park & Lynnmall Shopping Malls & More

Kiwi Property Group (NZX:KPG) is a New Zealand owned Real Estate Investment Trust that owns all the popular Sylvia Park Mall as well as Lynmall in Auckland and a few other retail and mixed use properties throughout New Zealand.

Real Estate Investment Trust Singapore

Biggest Shopping Mall Owner in Singapore

CapitalLand Mall Trust (SGX: C38U) is a Real Estate Investment Trust listed on the Singapore Stock with close to $10 billion in assets.

This is the biggest shopping mall owner in Singapore with 15 shopping centres scattered all over the Lion City.

Crisis Investing

There’s no doubt that the economic state of nations all around the world is far from prosperous. With the post-covid19 recovery efforts well and truly underway, the number of opportunities emerging in the Real Estate Investment Trust market are phenomenal, if you know where to look.

Join us for a webinar where you will see how REITs can be used to take advantage of the current crisis-ridden economies around the world.

Property Investing Webinars

More Webinars, More Action

We are the original pioneers of running online webinars to educate people about property investing. We don’t run any seminars at any hotels or event centers. Our approach is radically different to what you may have experienced at any other property event, either online or offline.

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Take a look at some of our other webinars designed to help everyday people become smart property investors.

Property Investing Courses

Checkout our Property Investing Courses That are Changing Lives of Many around the world.

Unlike other property education brands, we don’t provide courses that were written 10 years ago and have never been updated. Our courses are action oriented and designed to get outcomes. Not fill you up with theoretical knowledge that leads to nothing more than a false sense of comfort that you’ve been through a property investing course.

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