RBA Coverup Exposed By ABC News Australia

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This is from a story that was published by ABC News in Australia, whereby documents revealed how the Reserve Bank of Australia urged the government to “shut down” the entire Real Estate Industry. Continue reading, it gets more interesting… or should I say, uncomfortable alarming that such a thing happened.

RBA Coverup About Housing Market Data

In June this year, documents from inside RBA, including many marked “highly restricted”, showed an RBA coverup, where Reserve Bank economists considered asking the Federal Government to shut down the real estate industry, “pausing” sales of established homes to avoid perceptions of a coronavirus-inspired housing market crash.

Among many other things that came to light about this RBA coverup, through a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request, it was also revealed that in April, economist Nick Garvin wrote to colleagues warning them the bank should stop analysing the housing market as if it were operating normally and calling for a halt — as happens to stock trading in emergencies. Garvin also went on to say that: “We should also tell private sector data providers to follow this rule. If people start mistakenly thinking that we’re experiencing a housing market crash, it’s not going to help things.”

Now if you read my piece from earlier this month about the need for the Fifth Colum to rise up, you will remember how I mentioned that media outlets are being used by the other 3 pillars of democracy to control the narrative and have people believe what they want to believe. Now watch this:

After other media outlets began to report about this issue, Judy Hitchen, the head of communications for the RBA, tried to find a journalist to “write about the challenges of measurement in an unsettled market — so people understand the point Garvin was making”.

Senior communications officer Ian Chua suggested some names, redacted in the release, of friendly journalists who might write about the topic.

“In any case, to achieve what you’re aiming for, you’d need to pitch the idea to a receptive reporter and offer an on-the-record interview as incentive,” he wrote.

These are actual quotes from the emails that were released as part of this investigation. Did you notice how the Bank tried to control the narrative by considering offering an incentive to a reporter – something that’s more commonplace than you’d like to think.

Journalists, like every other professional, are in it for their personal glory, which is why, exclusive interviews and getting the first crack at reporting major stories, is of more importance to them than to tell the story as it should – case in point about the corruption of the fourth Column and how the media is in on all of it.

Further investigation into this RBA coverup, revealed that the internal reports from the RBA, contradicted a much rosier view the Reserve Bank of Australia had been giving the public about the billions of dollars and millions of jobs tied up in housing, construction and real estate. All lies.

RBA Coverup Continues…

Now lets come back to the part about the RBA asking private companies to stop releasing property market data. Yes, you read that right. It did happen and there’s documentary evidence to prove it.

The key private sector provider of information about real estate in Australia is CoreLogic (formerly RP Data). Its daily index stopped being published on May 20, 2020.

CoreLogic, of course denies that this was due to the request from the RBA, citing that “This was a prudent decision at a time when sales observations had fallen sharply.”

I’ve written at length about the issues with housing market data and how it can never be trusted with absolute faith in the system. In a country where the Treasurer just finds $60 billion dollars under the couch, and where the central bank is asking private companies to stop producing market data, how can you, as an investor, have any faith in the system when it comes to making decisions based on information supplied by the government?

It is for this reason, I have been saying ad nauseam, that the time has come for people to understand how to truly read the market, without reliance on outdated market data and fudged numbers released by treasury.

Many of you that are active property investors will read this article and your first reaction might be “Oh my God!”… followed by a short pause and then “Is this real?”… yes it is… followed by “well, then what do we do? Who can we trust?”… followed by another pause and then finished off by “oh well… it is what it is” and off you go with your day.

The point is, as Yuri Bezmenov, very aptly posited in his 1984 Interview, that the ideological subversion of the masses is such that many will sense and know something is wrong, something is out of balance, that people are being manipulated, but they will be able to do NOTHING about it.


He then went on to say, “until the military boot crashes into their asses will they begin to understand what really is going on…”.

If you’re in New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA or any other part of the world, don’t be naive and think that “oh well, that sort of stuff won’t happen in my country… we’re way better than Australians”. Sorry, no you’re not.

This is a systemic problem and how the world governments have arrived at this point where blatant manipulation of facts and force feeding of a carefully crafted narrative, has become the first order of business… EVERYWHERE.

So now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

For most of you, the answer is probably “nothing”… followed by “what can we do”. If you’re saying that to yourself right now, but are doing so with a genuine interest in finding a solution, then you’ve got to begin with the very first step – which is to wake yourself up.

Wake up to the reality that is unfolding around you. Equip yourself with knowledge and information and protect yourself against propaganda and the twisted narratives out there.

You’re an intelligent individual. If you can separate yourself from the outcomes, and inspect issues on the merit of fundamentals, you will be able to begin to see through the veil and become better at separating facts from fiction.

It is a fact that the RBA tried to manipulate the information that was being given to the public.

It is a fact that they asked Private Companies to stop publishing market data.

It is also a fact that they have declined to comment further on this matter.

Nothing else needs to be said to assert this position which should make every single one of you desperately uncomfortable about what’s going on out there.

Many students and followers I speak with, are considering selling a portion of their assets, while the price frenzy is ongoing, and put that money to better use, than keeping it in the bank for 1.5% interest.

Many that don’t have properties, are beginning to realise the virtues of considering getting involved in market investing and using Real Estate Investment Trusts to build a passive income from dividend payments from Real Estate stocks.

And then… there are those that are like Antelopes in headlights. Stunned. In a state of Shock. Almost incapacitated and unable to move. To those, I wish to say just one thing:

It was not raining when Noah built the Ark.

Que Tiene Amigo.

Если вы умеете это читать, то знайте, что времени мало, и вам нужно найти способ заработать как можно больше денег и как можно быстрее.

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