Market Madness

Market Madness And The Obvious Signs of Economic Decay

The madness continues as there are no signs of economic improvement on the horizon. Now many of you will read this sentence and immediately say “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”, because the share market is heading north like there’s an endless supply of rocket fuel and the housing market too is showing no imminent signs of slowing down. That’s all doom and gloom… we’re going well. Recovery is happening.

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Covid19 Housing Market Impact

Covid19 Housing Market Impact – Interactive Map

For weeks we have been looking at the state of the housing market in the aftermath of Covid-19. So far, the data does not suggest a complete wipe-out, however, cracks are now getting wider. Take a look. This tool is only for the New Zealand market at this stage. Data provided by the New Zealand Herald. Build Dividend Income From Real Estate Stocks While the Housing Market is Going Down. Join the Webinar. FREE Webinar

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crisis is when you make money
Market Watch

6 Critical Question You Must Ask Yourself During This Crisis

There are a lot of things going on during this Covid crisis. Its no secret that something fundamental is shifting and given the sleepiness of the masses, probably a good 98% of people out there are too busy to take notice of how everything is changing while the “new norm” becomes the everyday norm.

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property prices falling
Market Watch

Why Aren’t Property Prices Falling After Covid-19

Price is simply a function of what someone is willing to pay for goods and services. It is subjective and hardly ever a good indicator of true value. True value is a function of strong fundamentals. In times of a crisis, it is very natural for decision making to be driven by price instead of fundamentals because of the amount of emotions involved in the midst of uncertainty.

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Market Watch

NZ Economy in a State of Free Fall – Latest GDP Report

New Zealand GDP reported last night came in at its worst in 29 years, down 1.6% in the first quarter. In the middle of this supposed recovery attempt, it is imperative for everyone to understand how to read the market during a crisis. Housing market data is notoriously slow in being reported and hence, the upcoming decline will have a long tail driven by delayed data and inaccurate reporting.

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First Home Buyer Program

Buying your first home is the single greatest investment anyone ever makes, yet very little is considered in terms of the future impact of this decision on a young family’s financial security. Our 2020/21 First Home Buyer Program is designed to help you understand the ins and outs of buying your first home.

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Business Partner Program

Never before has there been a greater need to build your own, sustainable income stream that doesn’t depend on others. If you’re passionate about property and have a desire to take control back into your own hands, then our Business Partner Program might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Business Partner Program

Investor Mindset Training

The world is pretty messed up right now. There’s no other way of saying it. In times such as these, in order for you to be able to take advantage of the opportunities emerging in a post-pandemic world, you need to carry the right mindset and confidence. The Overcoming Obstacles is a special course designed for just that.

Investor Mindset Overcoming Obstacles

[LIVE Webinar]: Buy Your first investment property within 12 months or less

During the webinar, you will see live examples of how our strategies are used in real market conditions. The Webinar is 100% free and available for anyone to register. If you’re serious about achieving success in property investing, you cannot afford to miss this webinar.