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Our Property Development course comes with zero BS and 100% action. In fact, ours is the only course of its kind that’s focused on achieving results, not just filling up student enrollments.

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Key Outcomes You Will Achieve

Our courses come with unlimited student support and direct access to our team of highly experienced, in-market investors that are there to help you achieve success every step of the way.

Property Options is the most powerful underlying strategy used by professional property developers. In the course, you will go through and learn the strategic as well as tactical aspects of Property Options in details.

Getting funding is one of the biggest challenges faced by most property developers. In the course, you will learn exactly how to structure your deals to maximise your chances of getting funded for your projects.

The secret sauce of professional property developers is their ability to pre-sale the lots before even starting the construction. You will learn and master exactly how that is done. This is by far, the only course that dives deep into this aspect.

Property development using the power of property options, requires a bit of dealmaking. Through this course, you will learn how to setup the deal, how to approach the vendors, how to structure the contracts and most importantly, how to walk away with a win-win deal.

The Property Developer Course comes with all the document templates, sample contracts, and access to tools and resources, using which you will become an absolute pro when it comes to property developments.

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Our students can’t thank us enough for the amount of support they receive from us. Give us a try – you won’t be disappointed.

The Only Property Development Course In the Country That Comes With a 90-Day Performance Guarantee

Performance Guarantee

That’s right. Not only do we empower, educate and equip you with world class property development strategies, we also provide you a performance guarantee. Talk to us today to discover what we commit to you, when you decide to choose Property Magnets as your partner in Property Development success.

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Short Intro To The SMART Developer Course

Our Property Development Course stands head and shoulders above all other property development courses for one simple reason.

unlike the others, we don’t just sell you a course and then leave you to it. We make sure you get results. Even when you start to fall behind for whatever reason, we will proactively keep motivating and encouraging you to get back on track and become a smart property developer.