Mentoring program

Getting started in the world of property investing isn’t easy. There are lots of moving parts and for first-timers, there’s enough intimidating questions unanswered that can not only overwhelm you, but also put you in “Analysis-Paralysis” mode.

Having a trusted support person or someone with the experience and knowledge that can hold your hand through the first couple of deals is a POWERFUL way to achieve success.

Expected Outcomes

What Can A Mentor Do For You?

When you’re starting out in your journey of creating wealth through property, you will encounter many moments, many hurdles and many events where you’ll second guess yourself. Hesitate, apprehend or even sabotage – and if you’ve got friends and family watching you – that’s going to create additional pressure.

Believe us when we say this, having an objective support person, someone that’s vested in your success without any prejudice or bullshit of “protectionism” is absolute GOLD.

Don’t discount it. It will be the most valuable investment you will make after the course and in your own success.

Choose your plan

Each mentoring session is an hour long and is delivered either in-person or over a video conference call depending on the logistics.









common questions

Are mentors qualified advisors ?

No. Our mentors, for the lack of a better term, are your “support person” – someone you can bounce ideas off, get their insights into what you’re trying to achieve, a guide, a person that will have a vested interest in your success without any prejudice.

What kind of advice can I get ?

The number one advice you will get from our mentors’ is about what not to do when considering starting out in the world of property. The lessons they have learnt during their time in the market is what will be their advice to you.

Can they help me secure funding ?

Not directly. However, given that all our mentors are active, in-market investors themselves, they no-doubt have access to strong funding sources and will gladly introduce you to one or more such source. However, whether or not you get funded is solely dependent on your personal financial circumstances.

Which Option is Best for Me ?

That would depend on your personal circumstances and how “market-ready” are you in terms of getting the most value out of these mentoring sessions. A great place to start this conversation is with your referring partner. Talk to the person who signed you up and discuss your situation – they’ll be happy to help.

Do they sell me a property ?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We are very particular about avoiding any conflict of interest that could hinder our mentors’ ability to maintain objectivity when acting as your support person. They will never try to sell you anything. That’s not what they’re there for.

30 Mins With our CEO? ?

Our CEO, from what you must have seen already, is highly skilled and “market-aware”. Having 30 mins with him in terms of establishing your strategic foundations is invaluable on many different levels. Talk to your referring partner – they’re interacting with our CEO pretty much every few days – so they’ll be able to tell you if there’s any value in this or not.