Make Money From Property as a Market Maker

There are many ways to make money from the Property Market. Market Making is traditionally well understood in terms of capital markets (share market) where banks and market makers facilitate trades by bringing the buyers and the sellers together into a transaction.

However, the concept of Market Making is neither well understood, nor openly talked about when it comes to the property market.

Imagine if you could make money from the property market regardless of whether the market is going up, down or sideways!!!




It’s unlike any other property course on the planet. It’s the only course that is dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of how to make money from property by facilitating real estate transactions. You will learn exactly how such transactions take place and the various points at which money is made.

This course is designed to give you inside access into the very pipeline through which all the money flows in and out of the system.

Its an online course packed with all the tools, resources, templates, sample contracts, reports and knowledge you’re going to need, to make money from property by playing both sides of the property market without ever carrying any risk on yourself – just like banks operate in the capital markets.

How To Make Money From Property
Key Outcomes from the MArket Maker Course

Understand the market

Before you can make the market, you’ve got to understand it. In the full program, you will be given all the insights you need to understand in order to be able to make the market. We focus on just what you need to know, not everything you’d like to know.

Build the network of buyers & sellers

A successful market maker needs to maintain a strong network of buyers and sellers – the two sides of the market you will make money from. You’ll learn exactly how to build such a network and where to find buyers & sellers consistently.

Unleash the power of Property Options

Property Options is the biggest revenue generator for a market maker. Being able to CREATE the optimum conditions for a transaction to occur between a buyer & a seller is best done through property options. You’ll learn exactly how.

Master the 5 ways of Market Making

While there are more than 5 ways a market maker makes money, if you focus on just the 5 you’ll learn in this program then that’s all you need to CREATE a solid 6 figure income for yourself without ever carrying any risk, owning a property or putting your own money into a deal.

Setup your market making business

Learn everything you need to know to setup a property market making business anywhere in the world. You’ll learn how to use the power of social media to create a systematic approach to building a powerful business in the property industry that you’ll own. Not one that’ll own you.

Execute the 90-days to Profit Roadmap

You also get a detailed 90-day roadmap that can take you from $0 to your first bit of profit from market making (minimum $20,000) within 3 months of completing the course and taking action. This course is designed to set you up with your own property business within 90 days.

This is our first global course - available across 50 countries with full legal coverage and relevance across all those markets with a single aim - To show you how to make money from property. Period.

Wondering if your country is covered? Ask us via live chat on the bottom right 🙂

who it is for

This course is designed for anyone interested in making money from the property industry without going through any specific industry certifications, licensing or any special qualifications.

if you’re smart, commercially savvy, capable of following a step by step approach and work hard, then there’s absolutely no limits on what you could achieve as a Market Maker

Single Parents, Young families, Property Enthusiasts

Family financial future

With the rate at which uncertainty is increasing by the day, more and more families are realising that their current income is barely enough to keep up with inflation. An additional income source is needed. Property is the DREAM yet its beyond the reach currently because saving is JUST NOT POSSIBLE.

If you have enough objectivity to understand that it is better to build up your strength than to chase a dream that you just can’t accomplish right now, then the Market Makers course is calling you out by name right now.

Do the course, build a cash reserve using the methods and strategies we teach – strengthen yourself and THEN go and get your dream house.

Industry Pros, Business Opportunity Seekers

Make Money From Property

If you’re a commercially savvy, business minded person that’s struggling to achieve any meaningful success, then Market Making might be just the thing for you.

If you’re looking for a secondary income stream, or better reach into the property industry, then it makes perfect sense for you to equip yourself with the tools that allow you to trade both sides of the market.

Understanding the Options Strategy alone could catapult your current business to heights you couldn’t possible achieve on your own.

Market Making is a life changing event for you.

No. This is not about becoming a broker or a Buyers' Agent or some other variant of the same. This is about becoming the person that creates opportunities for buyers & sellers to make a transaction.



If you’re interested in property, if you’re looking to buy your own home, or even if you’re not but want to at some point in the future, then read the following carefully.

Whatever it is you’re doing in your life to earn money is always going to be subjected to the “boom-bust” cycle that’s part of living in a free-market society.

Globally, average inflation (the rate at which things become more expensive) was 3.41% in 2019. During this same period, globally, on average, wages increased by a meager 1.7%.

So how the heck can an average family survive let alone save to build a better future using property as a driver ??

Our mission is to help people create wealth through property

Despite all the noise and the supposed global efforts by central banks to revive the world economy, no help is coming to the Jane and Joe on the street. The rich keep getting richer and there’s nothing you can do about it. Period.

The only thing left for you to do is use the SYSTEM, grab the bull by its horns and take responsibility of your own future.

If you can learn how the ELITE create money from nothing, if you can understand how they engage in property transactions without deposits, without guarantees, without begging the banks to lend them cash, that’s when you will know what it takes to CREATE WEALTH THROUGH PROPERTY the SMART Way,

Look at this chart – it’s the Household Income Vs. Debt representation* for all OECD countries. How long before all this overspending fueled by debt is going to catch up to the masses?


everyone wants to own property but with the current state of the global economy, most either don't earn enough or don't have any savings or both - we're doing something to change this for people.

How does it work ?

Like all our other courses, the Property Market Makers course is also 100% online. It is highly action oriented and outcome driven with strong focus on practical tools, resources and strategies as opposed to focusing on just the theory.

Lessons are kept short, sharp and to-the-point and delivered through interactive videos along with follow up tasks designed to get you to take action.

It will take you 28 days to complete this course. Throughout the course, you will be asked to implement several action items which may take you an additional 2 or 3 weeks (depending on your speed and personal resolve).

The 90-day Profit Roadmap is ready for you to access and implement right after you have completed the course. The rest… is 100% in your control.

Our job is to empower, educate and equip you with actionable knowledge. We don't just teach the theory, we also show you the actual ways to achieve the results.


Don’t be a victim of the SYSTEM anymore. The property market makers course provides you a real, achievable and applicable strategy using which, you can have the opportunity to change your circumstances.

The course teaches you how to make money from both sides of a property transaction without any credit considerations, any licensing/certification/qualification, without putting any deposits or taking on any risk upon yourself.

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If you've been praying for new doors to be opened for you so you can take back control of your future, then perhaps this is it.

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