Lesson Release & Course compliance

Property Magnets takes copyright and intellectual property protection very seriously. Access to all Property Magnets courses are subject to a Lesson Release Policy, details of which are contained herein;


Property Magnets has invested significant time, money and resources in putting together its courses. Unlike traditional property education courses, our courses aren’t sold in a seminar setting and aren’t made up of regurgitative information that offers little material value to students.

We are mindful of the fact that protecting intellectual property and copyright in today’s online environment is as challenging as it could ever be and hence, in order to preserve and protect our intellectual property, we have deployed a number of course compliance features that are designed to achieve two goals at the same time:

  1. Give you, the student, a structured learning experience maximising your chances of success;
  2. Protect our intellectual property from being abused by “serial-refunders”

The Learning Challenge

Adult Learning and vocational online courses present a unique learning challenge for all students. Most students are either employed full time or are busy running their own businesses or families or both.

There’s also the temptation of wanting to consume all the information from the course as quickly as possible hoping to start getting results right away.

Unfortunately, that’s not an ideal learning environment.

Our courses contain several complex concepts, strategies, number-crunching and market analyses that requires in-depth understanding before you can apply them in the real world.

Many lessons also ask you to do further research online in order to practice what you’re learning through us. The more you practice, the better you will become at the specific task that was discussed in the lesson.

Hence, after careful review, In November of 2019, Property Magnets introduced a new course compliance feature in its online learning environment.

What is Course Compliance

Course compliance means that you are going to have to follow a specific path that’s been pre-defined by Property Magnets in order to prevent over-consumption of information leading to information overload and enhance your learning experience – the end game for both being MORE ACTION for you.

While our courses are self-paced, the real challenge we have tried to solve is making sure our students stay on track. With each student, this challenge further branches out into those that are trying to run too fast and those that are going too slow.

Course compliance is our attempt to ensure we help you run at the optimum pace in order to maximise information absorption and minimise information overload.

How does it work

When you purchase a course or a bundle of courses from Property Magnets, the first section of the Real Estate Investment BASICs course or the Crisis Fundamentals course will be automatically unlocked for you.

For instance, there are 4 lessons in the first section of the Real Estate Investment BASICs section. These are:

  • Understanding Market Indicators
  • Real Estate Market Cycles
  • Town Planning & Zones
  • Supply & Demand Curve

The optimum pace for going through this section is to do one lesson a day.

In fact, we don’t recommend doing more than one lesson a day in any section for any course. Most lessons ask you to lookup a few things online and familiarise yourself with the foundational principles being taught in the lesson. In case of the first section of the BASICs course, these 4 lessons form the foundations of conducting sound market analysis as a property investor.

As you go through each lesson, within a few hours of that, you may receive an email from us with supplementary information or resources to keep you on-track with the lesson you’ve just completed.

This might happen after each lesson throughout the course. Yes, it means you might get at least one email a day from us if you’re doing one lesson a day.

None of these emails are aimed to sell you anything – these lesson follow up emails are strictly educational so you should make sure you don’t miss any of them and not opt-out of receiving them in future.

Then 4 days after the first section was unlocked, the second section will automatically get unlocked. When that happens, you will get another email notifying you that the new section is now available.

In many instances, if the section that will follow has vital information that links up with the current section that’s been unlocked, we will alert you to what’s coming up, including the number of days after which the section will be unlocked.

Typically, if there are 2 lessons in a particular section, then the next section gets unlocked 2 days after the first section was unlocked allowing you an average of 1 day per lesson to go through it all.

Some sections allow for extra days for you to go through the lessons and prepare for the Mock Deals part of each course.

Lesson Completion

Video Lessons: 
You have to watch (not skip to) at least 90% of the video lesson in order for it to be marked as completed. You cannot move onto another lesson, without completing the previous lesson first.

Text Lessons: 
We observe and monitor the time spent on textual lessons to determine whether or not you’ve been through all of it and haven’t simply marked a lesson complete just to move onto the next.

However, you will be creating a disadvantage only for yourself by ignoring course compliance and not taking your education seriously.

Permitted Downloads: 
When you access our learning portal, your access device is automatically fingerprinted on our network. That device is then automatically allowed to download templates, approved resources, samples and associated files without any restrictions.

Access to Included Free Tools

Depending on the course(s) or bundles you have purchased, you will have access to third party tools that Property Magnets pays for on your behalf. These tools will only become available once you are outside your 10-day refund period.

Provisioning of these tools is now 100% automated so asking student support to enable these services isn’t going to change anything.

Lesson Release Exceptions

If you wish to fast-track your learning experience and feel that you are already experienced enough that you don’t need to go through some of the foundational lessons, then you can request for a waiver that will be subject to approval.

The waiver can only be accepted if you pass 100% of our Investor Grade Test in the first attempt.

At any rate, releasing the entire course bypassing the course compliance feature will require you to

  1. Sign our Student Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Sign our Payment & Copyright Protection Agreement

You will also forfeit the 10-day refund policy if course compliance is bypassed.

Why all this Hassle?

We understand how and why, all this might present itself as a hassle. Its only a hassle if you make it. Consider the reason why we have these controls in place:

We offer a 10-Day Money Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, recently there’s been a number of cases with several online retailers and service providers globally where people make purchases just to ask for a refund later on for no real reason. As maniacal and weird as it sounds, there’s a growing movement about this in the online communities and we have also been a victim of this in the past.

We offer a 90-Day Performance Guarantee

We are not just interested in selling you a course. Property Magnets has a genuine & vested interest in ensuring you will go on to apply what you learn from us in the real world and achieve real results. It is for this reason, we provide a 90-day Performance guarantee for all our courses.

There’s not a single educator out there that can match our performance guarantee. So in order to make sure we don’t miss any detail in helping you take action, we need to have you following the path that we know is most likely to lead to success.

We invest in your future 

Property Magnets is also the only online education provider that offers Mock Deals – a section in each course where you will get a taste of the real market through role-plays and mock scenarios.

This requires time and attention from us toward each and every student. In addition to that, we never ask our students to pay for accessing student support and there’s a culture within Property Magnets that’s all about making sure we walk shoulder to shoulder with you, without keeping an eye on the clock.

We provide REAL Tools for FREE

Unlike any other course vendors, we provide you sophisticated third party tools that we have carefully vetted ourselves and feel are in line with our paradigm when it comes to property. These tools cost us money and we even spend time setting it all up for you with all the recommended settings so you don’t have to fiddle with any of that. You can stay focused on taking action, while we take care of all the setup.

Our Students Lead Busy Lifestyles

Almost all of our students are time poor. This is not because they are poor time managers. Just that most people that are serious about something are always busy because there are multiple things that compete for their attention and time.

Its easy to forget what you signed up for. Its easy to lose track or get side-tracked due to a life event. Course compliance helps us keep everyone in check and on track through daily emails and interactions.

Ultimately, its about accountability

The reason $1 a day for a child in Africa hasn’t done much for eradicating poverty, even 50 years down the line, is because no one can be held accountable for making sure things get done.
The same has been true in the property education industry where entertainers have charged students thousands of dollars in course fees with most students being left with nothing to show for it except a few manuals and seminar tickets.
Yes, action is always a students’ responsibility but as educators, we want to make sure we are holding our students accountable to their own success as much as they hold us accountable to our course quality.