Right to Cancel; Right of Rescission

This legacy refund policy has been replaced by the updated Refund Policy, effective November, 10, 2019. If you made a purchase prior to 10th of November, 2019.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, your activity on the Property Magnets website, Learning Portal as well as any third party systems you inherit from Property Magnets is tracked at all times.

Purchaser may cancel this transaction, without penalty or obligation, at any time within the refund period of your purchase date subject to our Fair Use Policy outlined in this document and General Business Terms and Conditions available from the Website Terms of Use link.

Fair Usage Policy

Refund is only applicable if your  course progress does not exceed 24% at the time of requesting the refund. However, If your activity on the learning portal (including but not limited to any additional software or systems that Property Magnets provides as you part of your purchase) reveals any form of abuse or constitutes infringement of our intellectual property either explicit or implied, then Property Magnets reserves the right to reject your refund request and void this refund policy.

The 10-Day refund policy cannot be used to take unfair advantage of our intellectual property. We identify & track potential abuse of our intellectual property through various means, including but not limited to:

  • Tracking student activity to ensure such activity is not unusual learning activity including (but not limited to)
    • Multiple lessons accessed within a short period of time
    • Skipping lessons by fast forwarding the videos through non-standard means
    • attempting to download content
    • attempting to copy textual content
    • Attempting to use proxy services or TOR-like browsers to mask internet addresses.
    • Accessing the Learning Portal from virtual private networks.

Property Magnets reserves all its rights and is not obliged to disclose to you the specific type of activity that Property Magnets constitutes as infringing on its intellectual property and copyright.

In the event we detect unusual activity from a student, Property Magnets and all its partners, agents, affiliates and officers consider your purchase to be marked final with the 10-day refund policy automatically voided.

All Purchase Agreements are signed electronically via an IP address. Your purchase date is the date of your electronic signature; order process date occurs after payment is received by Property Magnets.

Products, including but not limited to, the SMART Property Education Series, SMART Property Alerts, Student Mentoring Packs, Elite Investor Program, CAGROO and any other limited edition products Property Magnets produce from time to time, including all recurring, automatic renewing services provided by Property Magnets or others providing services contracted by Property Magnets to which customers are billed by Property Magnets are automatically covered;

Cancellation policies described herein are applicable to all clients of Property Magnets without exception;

Written notification can be accepted via e‐mail.

After the last calendar day of the applicable refund period has passed, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. By purchasing our Products, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Right to Cancel; Right of Rescission and hold harmless Property Magnets, and its distributors, respective successors, assigns, personal representatives, officers, directors and employees.

Property Magnets may update this policy from time to time and the onus to stay abreast with this policy sits with the customer.