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What more can you learn about property? Success happens either by luck or by education. Knowing how to Understand the market, executing simple yet effective strategies is what we specialize in. Once you learn something, it stays with you forever.

More About Smart Property Education


There are hundreds of property education courses out there. Tens of companies offering fancy seminars, luring you into a basic education program with the objective of “upselling” you into thousands of dollars worth of theoretical education.

After all that, why is it that the majority of people walk away feeling pumped up and ready to live the million dollar lifestyle without any actionable way of achieving that.

It is because of such rubbish courses and the gullible nature of most people that across Australia and New Zealand, the level of actionable intelligence among millennials as far as real estate is concerned is actually pitifully low.

We exist to change lives of kiwi and Aussie families by bringing financial abundance through actionable education designed to help them create wealth through property. Add to that our Business Partnership opportunity, and our vision extends to those that are in need of financial relief NOW!



Spend thousands on Real Estate education but never manage to achieve any success.


Will have less than $17,000 to retire on – Ins’t that upsetting?


This generation, OUR GENERATION needs real property education – not just ring binders full of course content and hours and hours of video lessons. We want to teach people the inside secrets of Real Estate success in an outcome driven, action oriented manner to

SMART Basics

The objective of this course is to help you recognize which aspect of real estate investing is best suited for you. Once you know the basics, how things work, the risk factors, the rewards and the amount of work involved, you will be able to select the appropriate specialist module, be it SMART Renovator, SMART Portfolio or SMART Developer.

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SMART Portfolio

The course aims at teaching you the key strategies and tactics used by the SMART and wealthy investors around the world for building a strong positive cashflow asset base.

Understanding where to buy, when to buy, when to sell, how to hold and more… that’s what this module is all about.

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Property Enthusiasts

SMART Renovator

The SMART Renovator Series is not designed to adorn you with a PHD in renovations. Instead, our focus is on equipping you with the smarts of how to carry out profitable renovations with minimum hassles. This, is of course, based on the assumption that your interest in becoming a renovator is to make money from it and not write theoretical novels about the subject.

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Property Developer Course

SMART Developer

Property Developing is by far the most lucrative of all investment verticals within the Real Estate industry.If you know the inside secrets, the amount of money you can make is just INSANE. This course is designed to teach you the inside secrets of the wealthy and how you too can cash in on the property development boom if you have certain skills.

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My Story

Kira Steinhaus

Hi I’m Kira Steinhaus. I am passionate about People, Property and Sustainability. I invested in property for the first time without doing my own due diligence and as a result, I made a few silly mistakes. I then realised educating myself in how to avoid these same mistakes again was crucial to my success in Property. I then formed a partnership with Property Magnets and became not only a student of the courses myself, but a mentor within the company. I am growing my team constantly across Australia and New Zealand and continuing to make an impact in peoples lives. I wear many hats, I am a proud mama of 2 and a fully licensed Real Estate Agent. Typically we are seen as the trusted advisors in Real Estate, A lot however are just really amazing at sales. Most agents though are yet to master their craft, Property…

Unfortunately, what I have seen is that a number of our industry professionals lack the understanding and education about Property Investing Basics, let alone understand what is involved in a subdivision. Getting the vendor the best possible result can sometimes be limited if the potential isn’t realised. My goal is to upskill and equip my community in understanding all moving parts to the transaction of property. From finance to design, my team has you covered. Changing the face of Real Estate is my goal. Looking forward to guiding you home and on the way to financial sustainability through property 🙂

Opportunity of a lifetime

If you’re passionate about Real Estate, hungry for success, disciplined enough to follow a system and craving to take your future in your hands then you’ve arrived at your destination.

The Property Magnets business opportunity is a lot more than a “work from home” gig. It is a chance for you to learn the inside secrets of Real Estate successes and create a cash-flow income for yourself so you can apply all the knowledge from our courses in real life.

Because in Real Estate, MONEY MAKES MONEY…

We Should Probably Talk

If you’re still here, then it clearly means you’re resonating well with what we’re talking about here.  Complete this form below and I’ll get in touch with you right away. After all, why delay when you know you want to get involved in this opportunity.

sunshine coast, Queensland

I’m based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Always happy to meet in person or via Zoom to discuss our business opportunity or courses with you in detail.


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Smart Property Education is a brand of Property Magnets, a fast emerging leader in the Real Estate Education industry across Australia and New Zealand.

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