Investor Mindset

Having the right investor mindset is the first step in achieving success in property investing. Being able to separate the facts from the noise is an important aspect of knowing how to read the market. In this category of our Market Watch section, we share with you deep and meaningful insights into property investing and how the current market data affects your ability to make the right property investing decisions.

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Market Madness
Market Watch

Market Madness And The Obvious Signs of Economic Decay

The madness continues as there are no signs of economic improvement on the horizon. Now many of you will read this sentence and immediately say “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”, because the share market is heading north like there’s an endless supply of rocket fuel and the housing market too is showing no imminent signs of slowing down. That’s all doom and gloom… we’re going well. Recovery is happening.

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2020 Pivot Strategy
Market Watch

2020 Pivot Strategy It’s Time to Change Direction

Regardless of which industry you extract your earnings from. Regardless of what you do for a living. Regardless of whether you are an active investor or one that’s waiting to become one. Regardless of whether you’re rich or poor. You have to pivot and pivot NOW. I’ll explain why.

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crisis is when you make money
Market Watch

6 Critical Question You Must Ask Yourself During This Crisis

There are a lot of things going on during this Covid crisis. Its no secret that something fundamental is shifting and given the sleepiness of the masses, probably a good 98% of people out there are too busy to take notice of how everything is changing while the “new norm” becomes the everyday norm.

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Struggling to Find Investment Worthy Deals?

Most property education seminars talk about finding the right property at the right price, at the right time and in the right location. This is way easier said than done. And if you’re looking to make some quick cash from the market using Property Options, then you’ll be all to familiar with how hard it is to find the right suburbs where such deals could work.

Take a look at our video that shows you the answer we’ve come up with – the only such tool of its kind in Australia.

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How To Renovate & Flip for Massive Profit

Renovate & Flip Properties

Without using your own money to do any of the reno - its a remarkable, largely-unknown method that just works!!!

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