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Amazed by the number of people signing up? THIS is what a revolution looks like. People like you and all those that sign up to our courses recently, have done so because they have seen, first hand, what our courses can do. Your Transformation is imminent.

Many people may never realise, what an ANTHEM this song was (and still is) for a generation. So come on you… WHAT’S GOING ON!

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Property Investing Courses

At Property Magnets, our primary objective is to deliver action oriented education to all students with a single aim:

To help them create wealth through property. We offer a number of property investment courses online. Pick the aspect of property investing that’s most relevant to you and start exploring the options.

Property Investing In a Post Covid Economy

Join us for a live webinar where we will discuss 2 key strategies you can use to make substantial gains in the current environment of crisis.

Multiple days and times available. Click to Register. It’s 100% FREE.

What's your core area of focus?

Online property investing courses that deliver outcomes… not just overload you with theory and conjecture.

Key Outcome: Learn how to invest in the property market

This is one of our foundational courses for those that are new o property investing. It is detailed, but at the same time, highly action oriented and full of valuable knowledge that’s going to serve you well in the long term.

If you are a first home buyer, or looking to get into your very first investment property, then this is the best starting point for you.

Read more about what’s included in the Real Estate Investment BASICs course.

Key Outcome: How To Build a Portfolio of Rental Properties with speed & Scale

As you’ve read above, more than 70% of property investors never go on to own more than one rental investment property. If you are interested in creating financial security through rental income from properties, then clearly, you’re going to need a lot more than just a couple of rental investment properties.

In the SMART Portfolio Builder series, we provide you with step by step instructions and a guided action plan to acquire 15-20 properties over a span of 7, 5 or 3 years, depending on your personal financial bandwidth and circumstances.

Read more about the SMART Portfolio Builder Course

Key Outcome: Renovate & Flip without using your own cash & with little risk

Property Renovations are a very exciting subject for many. However, it is also one of the aspects of property investing that’s full of traps and is unknown variables as well as severe risks. If you don’t know how to renovate a property using the power of Property Options, then you’re clearly taking on much more personal risk than you need to.

In the SMART Renovator series, you will learn how to carry out cosmetic renovations on properties, and flip them for a profit, without carrying the traditional risks associated with such transactions and with significantly greater upside.

Read more about the SMART Renovator Course

Key Outcome: Subdivide, develop, sell and cash up

Property Development, is by far, the biggest money maker and at the same time, is also the most complex of all avenues of property investing. Knowing how to raise funding for development projects, how the seasoned pros do it, how to use the power of Property Options and most importantly, how to crunch the numbers – these are all absolutely crucial when it comes to Property Development.

In the SMART Property Developer Series, you will learn the ins and outs of using property options for carrying out property developments through subdivisions, splitters or just good old greenfield development.

Read more about the SMART Property Developer Course

Key Outcome: Make money from both sides of a property transaction & become a deal maker

Deal making in the world of property is a highly under rated skill and a grossly misunderstood aspect that all investors need to be aware of. The Property Market Makers course is a highly specialised course, that’s designed to help anyone passionate about property, become a property market maker without the need to go through complex licensing or certification programs. Anyone can do it.

This course is ideal for anyone that’s keen on not just becoming a seasoned property investor, but also someone that wants to dabble a bit more in the property industry and become a sort of a “deal maker” in the world of Real Estate.

Read more about the Property Market Makers course

Key Outcome: Prepare yourself to take advantage of opportunities emerging from this crisis environment, that’s here to stay for a while.

Now this… this is our crown jewel. We were the first (and still are) the only property education company in the world to identify the opportunities Covid-19 was bringing to the forefront, and also the first, to develop a course, especially designed to help students understand how to operate in the middle of a crisis.

Not only in the middle, but the bulk of the opportunities are going to emerge over the coming 12-24 months, if you know where to look, what to look for,  and most importantly, how to execute such deals with the lowest possible risk and the highest possible return.

Read more about the Crisis Investing Course bundle

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Our business is about changing lives by bringing financial abundance through actionable education.

We are so tired of the same BS being sold by all the Real Estate entertainers, wrapped up in a different package, sold at a different event, painted a different color, driven around in a different car – ITS THE SAME SH*T, DIFFERENT FLAVOUR.

Folks… if you want to really transform your approach to property investing, then the first thing you need to do is UN-LEARN all what you have picked up in any Real Estate Seminar you’ve been to.

Can you handle the TRUTH?

Most people can’t.

If you choose to watch the video below, it may leave you rather uncomfortable. What you will see, being 100% TRUTH, is a very Inconvenient TRUTH. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Seminar Goers

End up not using any of the education acquired.

1 %

Across AU and NZ do not own more than 1 Investment Property.

1 %
Household Debt

The current Debt To Income ratio for Australia. Its 163% for NZ.

1 %
At Retirement

Will have less than $17,000 to their name at the time of retirement.

People... It's time to wake up

If you don’t pay attention to the current economic climate and break this cycle of swapping time for money, then soon enough, it might be too late.

The greatest wealth transfer in history

Australia and New Zealand are about to go through the greatest transfer of wealth in history. While the market is tossing between doom and gloom, we’re talking about the upcoming BOOM!. This boom is not for everyone though. You need to know how to cash in on a crashing market. Come on now… do something…

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