Everyone! Meet the Future

Property Magnets is proud to be the first in adopting neural speech synthesis technology to fast track delivery of lessons to its students.

With the help of industry pioneers and in-house developers, Property Magnets have used advanced neural text-to-speech technology to deliver multi-lingual lessons with incredible precision, realism and speed.

What is Neural-TTS

Neural text-to-speech (NTTS) model uses machine learning technologies to generate synthesized speech from text that sounds like a human voice.

We have used over 600 hours of audio from our previous lessons to train a neural language processor.

Our language processor, as of April, 2020, is capable of delivering complex sentence constructs very effectively.

With each cycle of production, George becomes better at understanding the constructs of our sentences and hence, is able to deliver them with more precision over time.

Hollywood has done a great job of depicting some of the capabilities of enhanced neural text-to-speech. Remember Jarvis from the Avengers movie?

Well, whatever powers its core computing power, its ability to speak and interact is the result of neural speech synthesis.

But Why?

Unlike our competitors, Property Magnets does not conduct any workshops or seminars. Our lessons are delivered through an advanced online learning platform.

When we announced the launch of our Real Estate Crisis Investing course, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, 2 things became  apparent very fast.

One was to do with our speed to market and how fast we could deliver lessons to our students. And secondly, the need to keep our content up to date, in a crisis environment, where things are changing very rapidly.

In addition to that, there are also the  issues around lock downs, inability to book studio time, access to sound engineers and a raft of complications that come with a full-blown production schedule.

So, we decided to do what we have always done. Adapt, pivot and proceed.

Benefits for our Students

Real Estate education courses are notorious for never getting updated. Especially, those that are delivered via seminars and workshops.

In most cases, the student is given a thick manual, access to some kind of online portal for video lessons and that’s it. If you want the latest, you need to keep paying.


With the introduction of this ground-breaking innovation, students can now expect to receive updates on lessons more frequently than ever before.

This is particularly valuable for students that are going through the Real Estate Crisis Investing course. As the markets move, we will now be able to provide highly relevant and timely updates to our students without having to go through a complex production schedule.

Furthermore, we are also training George on our Market Watch posts – which, we’re sure, you recognize, are highly technical at times.

All in all. George is here to revolutionise the Property Education industry.

What's with the name?

The speech engine behind George was developed in-house by Property Magnets using a mashup between two powerful Neural TTS engines.

We also drew inspiration from OpenAI’s Musenet and GPT2 models for neural network programming.

George was the name of the original voice module we used, which was combined with another voice training module. That module was emulated from recorded audio from a voice actor with the same last name (Longhorn).

Perhaps we got a bit lazy and just went with simply combining the two engines into a single named entity – George Longhorn.

What's the Future

George is just the beginning. Ongoing developments and advancements in neural speech synthesis are bound to help George evolve into something far more meaningful and powerful over the coming months.

Besides the ability to fast-track production of our courses & lessons, George will also profoundly impact (positively) our reach and content production abilities.

All our content is written, edited and produced by Manas, our CEO. With George, Manas can remain focused on producing world class content, while George can give it the voice and together, it can be propagated across multiple channels – audio, video, podcast, mixed-reality 3D (2021) and beyond.

machine learning & artificial intelligence is the future.

property magnets intends to be the world leader in implementing cutting edge technology to make our courses relevant, up to date and impressively engaging.

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