elite investor program

So you’ve done really well for yourself over the years. You perhaps have a very satisfying, high paying job or are self-employed with a good, solid income.


You don’t have the time to do the type of research you need to do, in order to make informed, SMART property investment decisions.

you’re in a privileged position

get smart

You’ve done the hard work and have achieved the level of success where you don’t have to worry about money. However, while you have the money, you just don’t have the time.

Working long hours, how long do you think, before time passes beyond the point where you can no longer enjoy the money you have.

how it works

Sign Up

Talk to the person who referred you to this page and signup to the program which costs $500 per month on a 12 month term.


In consultation with one of our allied QFAs, you will identify your financial goals and how you wish to grow your net worth and over what period of time.


Now leave it to us and our QFAs. We will get to work and start pumping deals through to you based on your financial objectives and net-worth plans. Only the Elite deals get pushed through.


Once we have a deal, we'll send you a KYD (Know Your Deal) pack using which, you will have a clear, YES/NO type decision tree to work with. QFA on the phone, If yes, we execute. If NO, we move onto the next one. Its that simple. Completely hands-free. SMART.


Within 2 business days of signing up, you will be contacted by one of our allied QFAs in Australia or New Zealand (depending on your location).

What happens next:

Our QFA will get to understand your current situation and go-away with an understanding of your short, medium and long term financial objectives.

Within 7 days of that, you will get a complete proposal from the QFA about what they believe will be a good place to get going.

From that point, the engagement is ongoing.





common questions

what's the qualifying criteria?

You must be a New Zealand or Australian citizen with minimum annual salaried income of over $350,000 per annum in order to qualify. Depending on your personal circumstances and after further due diligence, you may be subjected to additional criterion.

Why do I need to pay monthly?

For the simple fact that we have ongoing costs to maintain the services of our allied QFAs along with maintaining access to a number of systems and services that are critical for us to be able to provide you with the right type of deals. On top of that, you also get dedicated support from our team.

How many deals will you present to me?

There’s no hard and fast rule about this. Once our allied QFAs assessed your file and relative to the IRRR, we will allocate a certain amount of deal flow to your account. Deals are only sent to you by the QFAs if they make sense are in line with the defined objectives on your file.

What Services Will I get?

To begin with, you will get a call from our one of our allied qualified financial advisors. They will discuss your short term, medium term and long term financial goals and put together a roadmap. They will then, on a monthly basis, provide you with deals, as and when they become available and fall in line with your objectives.

Is there a guaranteed return?

Only death and taxes are guaranteed in this world. However, we work with highly skilled QFAs who are familiar with our SMART Property Education Series and work in line with the things we teach everyone else. Because we cannot provide you with any guarantees, the best we can do is have a Qualified Financial Advisor, provide you with a deal with all the numbers, giving you the control in terms of saying Yes, or No.

What about regulation?

Property Magnets PTY LTD  (In Australia) and Property Magnets Limited (in New Zealand) are NOT qualified to provide any form of financial advice. We have partnered with third party financial advisory groups whos values and methods compliment those of Property Magnets.

You only will be served by these qualified financial advisors and Property Magnets will simply be the driver in the background making sure the relationship is managed well.

Need help? Call our smart support team on +617 5641-0203 or +649 889-1324

Time to get serious

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