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Have You Been Ignoring The Gold Hidden Behind Distressed Properties?

With the ongoing economic depression in the market, its no surprise that the number of foreclosures, mortgagee repossessions and distressed property sales – are all on the rise.

Our unique distressed property alerts system is currently intercepting hundreds of such listings every single day.

If there was ever a time when smart investors could take advantage of this economic depression – it is NOW!

What If You Could buy properties 10-15% below market value, without much effort, except getting there before anyone else does.

With our distressed property alerts, you can!

Distressed Properties

In an environment of crisis, opportunities to pick up bargains are not available to everyone. While it is true that distressed properties come with an element of time and investors need to act fast – being able to take advantage of discounted properties is a major win that simply shouldn’t be ignored.

Not Conjecture. It's A Global Consensus.

Whether bank defaults are going to happen, is no longer a case of someone’s opinion. Below is a list of independent news reports you can refer to, to understand the sheer scale of the threat faced by millions of homeowners and investors worldwide.

It is not a matter of if. It is a matter of WHEN.


The situation is quite dire in Australia. Take a look at some of these news reports:

The Big 4 in Australia – Are they ready for The Shock?

Up to 86,000 Home Loan customers expected to default


While Canada hasn’t been hit by a second wave, the economic calamity there isn’t any better.

Canadian Banks Face Rising Loan Losses

Layoffs and reduced wages lead to financial hardship for many.

New Zealand

While there’s a lot of focus on the politics, much of the economic calamity goes unnoticed by all:

Thousands default on mortgage payments

The Painful Reality Ahead for New Zealand

United Kingdom

It’s no secret what’s been happening in the UK in terms of the economy and efforts to keep the money-wheels turning. Take a look at these stories below. You shouldn’t be surprised:

Sunak in talks with banks about depositors insurance, signalling a severe calamity ahead

Lender Data Reveals the Severity of the Upcoming Shock To the Entire Economy in UK

United States

The United States is going through an economically cataclysmic event – no questions about it. The stories coming out of the banks are just plain and simple… CHILLING to say the least.

Mortgage Delinquencies Already Surpassed Great Depression Era

Brace, Brace, Brace – $15b worth of mortgage defaults ahead.

If you tick the following boxes, then you've got to take advantage of the distressed property alerts.

How It Works

Once you sign up for the SMART Property Alerts, we will deliver distressed property listings directly to your mailbox as soon as we intercept them. Currently we are averaging 5 emails per week, with between 3-12 properties in each email. This can vary from market to market.

We currently cover Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA with more countries being added periodically.

Once you receive the email, checkout the property details, run the numbers and if it meets the criterion for a sound investment, then you go for it.

If you’re an existing student of ours, then you’ll know exactly how to analyse these kind of properties and how to prepare for getting funding them.

Learn The Secret of The Elites

Most aspiring property investors are unaware of some of the most basic, yet highly strategic methods used by the Elites to grow their property wealth.

Besides having the cash, these guys know when and where to buy, and most importantly how much to pay for it. With the added advantage of our distressed property alert service, SMART investors around the world are getting smarter and wealthier.

Seasoned Property Investor

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It’s OK. If you’re not ready for a taking advantage of the biggest wealth transfer in the history, then that’s ok.

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