Covid19 Housing Market Impact

Covid19 Housing Market Impact – Interactive Map

For weeks we have been looking at the state of the housing market in the aftermath of Covid-19. So far, the data does not suggest a complete wipe-out, however, cracks are now getting wider. Take a look. This tool is only for the New Zealand market at this stage. Data provided by the New Zealand Herald.

Australian Mortgagee Stress
How To Make Money From Property

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Alternative Investment Strategies
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7 Powerful Alternative Investment Strategies for 2021

Knowledge of proven alternative investment strategies are an absolute essential for every investor to be mindful of. Especially in the aftermath of whatever is going to be left behind in this Covid-driven mad world. In this article, I outline 7 solid alternative investment strategies that anyone can use to grow their investment portfolio and take advantage of opportunities that are not directly related to property ownership.

Pandemic Bonds issued by the World Bank in 2017
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Pandemic Bonds Issued By The World Bank in 2017 – New Findings

Pandemic Bonds, created by the World Bank in June 2017 are an instrument that, technically should not exist, yet they do and I am mad that I missed out on the opportunity. Not only that, in this article you will learn about the latest policy shift in Australia that has lead to a complete annihilation of cash banking at one particular bank.

cash ban legislation in australia and new zealand
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RBA Coverup Exposed By ABC News Australia

This is from a story that was published by ABC News in Australia, whereby documents revealed how the Reserve Bank of Australia urged the government to “shut down” the entire Real Estate Industry. Continue reading, it gets more interesting… or should I say, uncomfortable alarming that such a thing happened.

The Fifth Column - Power to the People
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The Fifth Column Is Needed Now More Than Ever Before

Anyone that has studied economics or political science will know that the 3 pillars of democracy are: The Executive Pillar (government, agency, institutions etc,), The Legislature Pillar (Parliament, assembly, congress, senate etc. ) and The Judiciary Pillar (Supreme Court, High Court etc.) However, when the administration of a government begins to show signs of tyrannical oppression, that’s when the fourth pillar of democracy becomes the most important one.

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