Cash Ban + Facebook Haters: You wanna go? Let’s GO!

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R-18 content.
Don’t read if you have a weak heart

Communism sounds terrible. So lets become socialists. Much better twang to the whole thing. Read through till the end and you will understand what I mean. Bear with me. This is a long rant… and I am ticked off like you wouldn’t believe.

So our recent video about Australia’s cash ban legislation didn’t get much traction after YouTube decided to not include our video in search results, without citing any reasons for doing so. I suspect, someone didn’t like how we joined the dots in that video, in an attempt to expose a very uncomfortable fact about what’s being done behind the veil of Covid-19, while you have been scrambling with fear, following the hashtag #StayHomeSaveLives.

While our Crisis Investing course went live, a number of people from Australia started complaining about the “distasteful” nature of our call to become wiser, in times of a crisis and make good of the opportunities that are likely to emerge from this mess. While doing so, these numb nuts also reported our ads and posts as being “offensive”, which triggered a whole new level of editorial censorship from Facebook. Nicely done you sick pricks… This article is dedicated to all you Facebook vigilantes of wokedom.

So firstly, to all those idiots on Facebook – get a life. Actually no.

Get some brain cells. If you don’t understand what’s happening around you, and all you can think about is the petty socialist doctrine of “how can you think of making money while people are dying”… well, then there’s something systemically wrong with you.

No one is telling you to climb over dead bodies to make money. This is about knowing that, what the world is faced with, isn’t a scene from an Orwellian movie. It is happening. It has happened. Nothing is the same any more and the housing market is undeniably positioned to experience a massive decline in the coming months. If you can’t see it coming, then you’ve clearly got major vision issues.  Or perhaps, I can give you the benefit of doubt in being influenced by price like everyone else is.

All I have been trying to do is alert everyone (as best as I can) to the fact that if you know how to respond to this situation, if you act with financial wisdom, you are likely to not only remain protected, but actually come out of this better off than most others.

The bit that ticks me off is how uneducated, uninformed and untamed socialist views, like the ones we have seen on Facebook, gives certain category of people, some form of comfort that they are actually doing something good for society by calling out all the so called “capitalists” for trying to profit from a crisis environment.

Wake the hell up, you guys… you think the government is going to help you? If you’re a small business owner, do you think the Small Business support packages announced by Josh Frydenberg give you a helping hand? Or if you’re in New Zealand, do you think the 80% guaranteed loans announced by Mr. Robertson going to help you?

Let me expose a few facts that most of you soft-hearted hobos probably don’t know about. Toughen up. If you don’t, this crisis will eat you alive and spit you out before you can say boo!

Fact #1 – Both Australia and New Zealand are on a path of removing cash from our lives. Not only A/NZ, but the United States as well as several countries in Europe, are on a similar trajectory.

Nah… that will never happen. You can’t ban cash? This must be a conspiracy theory.

If they can force 50% of the world population to go into voluntary house arrest for 6 weeks, they can do anything. Remember, you gave them that power.

Now… is this a conspiracy theory?

Certainly not. Here’s the evidence. Cash ban was recommended in a February 2019 paper published by the International Monetary Fund.

PS: When was the last time you remember getting a $100 note from the ATM? They’re all smaller denominations now… aren’t they?

FB haters: If you know how to read, then take a moment to use your brain cells to understand the truth behind what we published in our Cash Ban video before you open your mouths about anything.

Fact #2 – Grants, Loans and financial assistance packages aren’t a GIVEN. Responsible lending, terms and conditions, fees and credit scores still apply.

Many of you know that I personally mentor a number of our students and partners. In doing so, I also gain insights into what our students and business partners are faced with on the ground. So far, I know about 8 individuals, who own and operate small businesses that were told by the bank that no financial assistance can be made available to them under the COVID-19 relief packages, due to either of the following issues:

  • Not enough financial strength in the balance sheet
  • Not enough credit score
  • Not compliant with the responsible lending guidelines

These SMEs weren’t asking for millions. They just wanted a temporary overdraft or some small working capital funding. In all cases, it was less than $30,000.

Now… 2018-19 had already been difficult years and business confidence was already dwindling by most estimates. Which type of businesses do you think will be able to meet the balance sheet test or the responsible lending test in the current environment?

Furthermore, many of these businesses, that desperately need assistance, were forced to close down. They wanted to work. But the government told them to shut down.

The bakeries, the florists, the panel beaters shop, the mom and pop businesses in your community… these are the guys that need support right now. But are they getting it? No.

Only big businesses will qualify for these grants, loans, and subsidies – so all your virtue signalling pricks… how about you do something about this? How about you take $100 from your pocket and donate it to the shop owner down the road. Will you do that? Of course not. You are the cowards of our society that only know how to throw stones at those that are doing something. You are the toxic bile in our midst that is the real enemy. Its not Covid. Its not the banks. Its not the government. Its you. The uneducated imbeciles that only know how to be woke and politically correct.

Furthermore, did you know that any individual or business, that gets any form of assistance from any institution or agency at this time, will have a “hardship” flag attached to their credit profile.

So… come… I’ll help you with money. you need it. We are all in this together… but… your credit will be affected because you’re facing hardship.

I have been trying to read through the CRA to understand whether this hardship flag is lifted at a later date or if it will remain on your credit file for 5-7 years like a default.

You… you allowed this to happen, you fuckers on Facebook that share photos of your breakfast, lunch and dinner with others like yourself everyday. You are the real disease we need to “STAMP OUT”. You’re the curve, that needs to be flattened. You’re the one we’re in this fight with.

Job Keeper, Job Seeker, Wage Subsidies, Lockdowns, un-Lockdowns… none of this is going to help the micro enterprises that are the absolute backbone of our economies. What are you going to do about that you ….. ##[email protected]!/#$$$

Fact #3 – Bail Outs of Media companies, control of the narrative, censorship and the pavlovian transformation of free thought – very clearly visible in the idiots that have nothing better to do than to troll me on Facebook.

So the media industry between the two countries wants social media to pay for use of their stories. NZ is giving $50m to local media companies during these struggling times. How nice.

Australia is looking at having FB pay Aussie media companies to use their content on the platform. YouTube, Vimeo, FB, Twitter – all over consumed by woke-ness, are censoring content while you, the people, stand by and watch it happen. Bravo…. bravo…

If you allow the government to bail out media companies, who do you think will control the narrative, post-bailout? Where are you now you pricks? You have the nerve to call me out when I say “Its crisis time. Its time to make money” – yet you hide behind your virtue curtains while your state and territorial governments are passing laws to take away any semblance of freedom of speech – shame on you.

Why isn’t mainstream media (across both countries), talking about any of the following:


  1. Why was there no referendum or public consultation about the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017, while the bill was passed into legislation with only 8 senators present in the house?

  2. Why didn’t even a single  reporter from the media ask Mr. Frydenberg or Mr. Morrisson, why were businesses being asked to front up the $1,500 a fortnight job keeper program subsidy with an IOU from the government? Did you even know that?

  3. What’s the ACTUAL cash value being transferred to people in this crisis? Ask about the real value. Not the “worth value”. The job keeper program might be worth $130 billion. But is it actually $130b that’s going to make its way into the hands of the 15 million workers in Australia? Here… this pen is worth $10,000. I’m going to sell it. I’m unlikely to get anything more than $2 for it. But hey… its worth $10,000. Fucking imbeciles.

New Zealand:

  1. Where is the $30b in asset purchase programs (announced by RBNZ) going to be spent? What exactly are they buying back? From who? For how much? Can we get a list of the assets being repurchased?

  2. How much cash is being injected into the Repo Market in NZ every night? Why isn’t the public being made aware of it. Oh wait… its because no one in NZ knows what the Repo market is. I see… thanks to the lack of financial education, no one actually knows how you are being scammed out of your own taxpayer money. Nice. Anyway… do ask this question though.

  3. What is the relationship between wanting to introduce a deposit protection scheme and the bank Bail-In legislation in New Zealand. You want people to feel safe in keeping $30,000 to $50,000 in the bank. Then, under emergency powers, you will have the right to revoke that protection. Then comes the bail in and because of how the bail in laws are written in NZ, your cash is GONE…. you are screwed. Ask… I dare you to ask this question to a government official.

Question to both AU and NZ Premiers.

What assurances can you give the public that banks won’t fail at this time. I mean, not words… real data.

Most of you idiots who don’t know shit from shit, don’t know that in NZ, there is no deposit protection. While there was one setup in 2010. It expired… …. IT EXPIRED, in 2011 because none of the banks opted-in to the scheme. Why opt in. Why not mandatory. However, the guarantee was only for a set period.  From 12 October 2010 it was voluntary. But none of the major NZ banks elected to go into the scheme. The extended scheme was then wound up on 31 December 2011. Here’s a statement from Treasury. I’m not making this up…. Just so you know.

But you don’t care about facts. You want to make statements online, hiding behind your Facebook profile, saying things that gains you social currency. You are dumb. Weak and downright foolish if you believe anything you write on Facebook.

You only want to attack those that are trying to educate everyone and do something about this mess. You only know how to be woke. How to be anti-capitalist…disgusting.

Many of you won’t even have the patience of reading the entire length of this article. You are uneducated, uninformed and “un-awake”.

I wish you a Merry YOU!

We Don't Stop!




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2 thoughts on “Cash Ban + Facebook Haters: You wanna go? Let’s GO!”

  1. phew! I missed all the Facebook stuff but it sure got you mad.Your right, sometimes people who have a lot to say in remarks are often ignorant. Pays to look at both sides . So far we are fortunate we can have an opinion in a democratic society but unfortunately people waste a lot of time and energy speaking before thinking or knowing facts. Appreciate YOUR point of view and facts and hopefully you are able to get people to think!

    • Hi Cheryl… thanks for your comment. So far, the narrative seems to be under control on that Facebook thread. I feel as a proactive business owner, or anyone that’s a supporter of free speech, both sides of any argument should be heard and understood before any judgments are made. For us, it is important to control the narrative because we won’t sit back while people blatantly abuse us for speaking the truth. The problem with the FB crowd is that they are abusive and leave obscene comments. I wonder how it would bode for them, if their comments full of swear words and insane obscenities was to be posted back to their own pages for their friends and families to see how they behave in public.


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