The end of bread and circus and what it means for property investing

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Bread and Circus as a term is generally attributed to a Roman poet from 2 thousand years ago by the name of Juvenal. Back in the day, the term was used to critique the government of the time for appeasing the masses through food and entertainment - which is what places like the Colosseum were created for.

bread and circusThe idea being that if you keep the masses engaged in bread and circus activities, then you can distract them away from paying attention to the real social issues that every citizen has a civic duty to pay attention to.

In our society, for the better part of the last 4 decades, and even more so in the last 2 decades and even further more in the last 12 years since the GFC, the general focus and attention of the populous has moved away from core issues and more into superficial bullshit that means nothing.

The evidence of that is blatantly in our faces with celebrities coming together, demonstrating abject disregard for human suffering to sing “Imagine, there’s no heaven” – Are you nucking futs? Or consider the virtue signalling of the far left and the political posturing going on right now where everyone is acting in the best interest of their seats in parliament as opposed to acting in the best interest of the people that elected them.

crisis investing in New Zealand

As late it might have been, at least our, previously incompetent prime minister, took some bold steps. Well done JA.

But Australia… the political posturing going on there is appalling. Evidence of that is clearly visible with Queensland holding their local government elections today despite the risk of covid-19 spreading with utter neglect toward social distancing measures, which have proven to be the only way to stamp the virus out.

Thousands of people have been queueing up at the polling stations and 1.3 million are yet to vote. Are these guys insane or the entire population of Australia has been sprayed on with some brain numbing chemicals from the sky?

Shame on you Queensland. Shame on you Annastacia Palaszczuk (Premiere of QLD). Shame on you Mr. Morrison. You guys are all playing with the lives of the people of your country. These people put you in office. What will you tell your grandkids when they one day ask you “what did you do to stop the spread of the virus…you had the power and the authority to STOP this madness”??? You suck.

covid 19 lack of response from Australian government

My simple question to Annastacia Palaszczuk: Its great that you have safety measures inside the polling stations but what about the queues outside? Do you really expect people to stand 2m (oh.. wait, your rule is 1.5m not the 2m everyone else is following) so 1.5m apart? 

crisis investing during the coronavirus outbreak

The current Covid-19 crisis has stopped all sporting events. There are no more entertainment events taking place. No rugby. No soccer. No track races. No more concerts. No more AFL or IPL, no more circus. No more binge drinking on a Friday night. No more partying, as was the burning question reporters were asking Annastacia, the QLD premier 2 days ago during a press briefing. With more than 1.5 billion people currently in countries with lockdown, it has brought the current and most relevant social issues of our time to the forefront like never before.

With everyone locked inside their homes, people are finally being forced to think about what’s really been going on. And no, the most important social issue that deserves attention right now is not climate change. Its not even the geopolitical war between nations, its not the economic sanctions prohibiting countries like Iran from getting much needed medicines to cure their coronavirus victims. Its not about the 3.6 trillion in economic relief that the US has announced. It is not even about the 12 trillion dollars in economic loss that is expected to be felt across the globe.

In my opinion, it is about self-reflection. What have we done or not done to protect ourselves against the severity of economic manipulation that has been going on for the period of time I have mentioned above.

In times like these, I am reminded of Yuri Besmanov’s interview from the 1980s where he spoke about ideological subversion and how it has created this disease whereby people will know what’s wrong with the world, but they will be incapacitated to do anything about it. They will talk among themselves, they will bicker and complain, they will think and plan, yet will have no ability to execute those plans.

They will even know what they need to do to get ahead in life, yet will never take action. They will be presented with ideas of freedom, ideas of achieving higher consciousness but most of them will ignore it. They will become rebellious just to prove to themselves the notion that they have freedom of expression and voice. They will object to an opinion, just to prove that they have an intellectual mind when in actual fact, their brains are hollow.

The ideological subversion that began in the 60s has put people in positions of power that have been the product of a generation subverted through ideological mutilation.

I know I will get a lot of fallout from this article but I feel I need to get this out of my system so I can focus on what I am working on right now.

The Real Estate Crisis Investing Course is an important contribution I am trying to make to the property investor community of today. It is my attempt to give everyone the chance to do something to bring positive change in their lives. To take advantage of the current crisis, as much as it is not about getting rich at the expense of someone else – this too, is an idea from subversion. Make people so socially conscious that they never understand who has been pillaging them all this time while they are worried about the virtues of social responsibility. Yeah right!

Make no mistake, there will be many that will get incredibly wealthy at this time. They will do so, without your intervention and regardless of your resistance. No matter how much you care about the society, the rich will get richer at this time. If you really want to do something good then take advantage of this crisis, make good for yourself and then do good for others. This is a far more productive path than to protest why the rich are allowed to get richer, all the while, making it all the more possible and easy for the rich to keep getting richer.

I don’t know how to end this article. I really don’t. So that’s it. END.

I’m getting back to finishing the course content for the Real Estate Crisis Investing course – 18 days to go.

PS: Rising stock market, rising Dow Jones… do you think the market is coming back up on the back of the “positive” announcements of QE?

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