Why Aren’t Property Prices Falling After Covid-19

property prices falling

Price is simply a function of what someone is willing to pay for goods and services. It is subjective and hardly ever a good indicator of true value. True value is a function of strong fundamentals. In times of a crisis, it is very natural for decision making to be driven by price instead of fundamentals because of the amount of emotions involved in the midst of uncertainty.

NZ Economy in a State of Free Fall – Latest GDP Report

New Zealand GDP reported last night came in at its worst in 29 years, down 1.6% in the first quarter. In the middle of this supposed recovery attempt, it is imperative for everyone to understand how to read the market during a crisis. Housing market data is notoriously slow in being reported and hence, the upcoming decline will have a long tail driven by delayed data and inaccurate reporting.

Round 2 of the Crisis is about to begin

Property Market After Covid19 Crisis is over

For those that paid attention to our articles throughout March and April, would know that this crisis, as much as it looked like a health crisis (at face value), was never actually about the health of the people. It was more about the health of the “system”, the health of the economic engines that drive both countries. Weaknesses in the engine are now beginning to show and that’s what we are going to cover in today’s article.

The end of bread and circus and what it means for property investing

bread and circus

Bread and Circus as a term is generally attributed to a Roman poet from 2 thousand years ago by the name of Juvenal. Back in the day, the term was used to critique the government of the time for appeasing the masses through food and entertainment – which is what places like the Colosseum were created for.

Market Cycles During a Crisis

What global pandemic? The economy was nose-diving anyway

Giant economic stimulus packages have already been announced on both sides of the Tasman. In my previous article about COVID-19’s impact on the housing market, I mentioned we were looking into producing a course with the sole aim of helping property investors make something good of opportunities that will emerge out of this time of crisis.

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