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Most property investing  websites offer some form of market research research tools these days. Connecting to the same data sources that everyone else does, providing housing market data using pie charts and graphs – showing numbers and percentages and scales and volumes – NONE of which gives you, an investor, a clear cut view of what’s happening in the market.

You have to start with a suburb or a property address. Then you will see all the data and try to figure out if that suburb or property is worth investing in.

that's like putting the cart before the horse

How do you know which suburbs to focus on to begin with?

Do you plan to research all 16,000+ suburbs across Australia?

There’s a reason why majority of property investors make mistakes when starting out for the very first time.

At Property Magnets, one of the ideas we try to absolutely embed in your thinking is that you must plan your EXIT before you contemplate your entry into a transaction.

You’ve got to know what it is you’re trying to achieve. Is it Capital Gains? Is it Cashflow? Or Are you looking to make some quick cash from a Property Option deal?

You must know that the data you need to analyse for a property is highly dependent on which of the above mentioned objectives you’re in pursuit of.

When you go to any popular Real Estate website you’ve got a nice and clean interface with a search box asking you to start by typing a suburb or property address.

But as an investor, you’re meant to be looking for places where your money will give you the best possible returns.

Not going property by property or suburb by suburb and ruling out the ones that don’t make financial sense.

Its a cumbersome and futile way to perform due diligence on a suburb, city or state. 



Housing Market Data for Australia

compounded average growth rate (CAGR) -
the least understood metric in housing market analysis history

Deal-Hunting With Purpose & Intent

Start with the end. Don’t rely on your gut or your neighbours’ opinion. Using data that matters, make an informed decision and know where to focus your efforts & energy.

Outcome Driven Approach

Specify if you’re looking for Capital Gains, Strong Rental Income or a Property Option Deal and CAGROO will provide you a list of suburbs to focus on.

Built For Investors. By Investors.

CAGROO is designed to help you make property investing decisions. In comparison, all the other housing market research tools are designed to show you information.

Buying Vs.Renting

Its an important question to ask, especially if you’re only just stepping out into the world of property.

The wisdom of old that says “why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can pay for your own”, doesn’t always make sense.

Use CAGROO to see what your options are. How much to rent Vs. buy – in your suburb or those near you.

Actionable Intelligence

What’s the point of knowing the top 10 suburbs by median price or the fastest growing suburbs or areas with the highest rental yields?

Did you know that if you’re going by the “tops”, without knowing it, you’re often buying “at the top” of the market – handing your money to the SMART Investors.

Be SMART. Know the difference between top numbers  vs. top performance.

Know Your Serviceability

Scaling up your property portfolio is a function of your serviceability – how well you can prove to the lender that you’re a reliable borrower.

This is regardless of whether you have a tenant or don’t. Debt servicing is something we teach all our students in the BASICs course and using CAGROO, you can even see what your finances look like to a banker.

Priced With Affordability in Mind

No Contracts. Month to month billing. Generous monthly quotas for how many searches you can perform and the best part… the BEST part is that we are the only ones in Australia offering such a tool along with a money back guarantee.

3-Day Pass

Open for Anyone
$ 0 Only for 3 Days
  • 50 Map Searches
  • 1 Investor Profile
  • Search for Property Options
  • Search for Capital Gains
  • Search for Rental Yield

Starter Plan

Only for our Students
$ 99 /mth
  • 1,000 Map Searches/mth
  • 1 Investor Profile
  • Search for Property Options
  • Search for Capital Gains
  • Search for Rental Yield

Starter Plan

Open for Anyone
$ 149 /mth
  • 1,000 Map Searches/mth
  • 1 Investor Profile
  • Search for Property Options
  • Search for Capital Gains
  • Search for Rental Yield


What is a Map Load?

CAGROO uses a commercial library for displaying housing market data on a map with interactive capabilities. Given the third party costs involved, we include a certain number of map loads each month for each account. So if you try to search for areas ideal for capital gains in Queensland, that will be one search.

How Are Calculations Performed?

If you have been through our Real Estate Investment BASICs course, you will learn exactly what criterion are used for discovering areas where you have the highest chances of achieving the specific outcomes you’re interested in.

Contact Student Support to learn how to enroll in the BASICs course.

Where is the Data Sourced From?

CAGROO sources its data from the same sources every other industry provider does. There’s nothing new under the sun. All we have done, is put all that data together in a way that makes things more action oriented as opposed to just providing data for the sake of data.

What Results Can I expect?

That’s a how long’s a piece of string question. If you’re a Property Magnets student, then you will have some comfort in our Bulletproof Performance guarantees. If you’re not a Property Magnets student, then obviously we can’t influence any performance. Use it at your own discretion.

How Recent is the Data?

Housing market data in Australia is usually refreshed every couple of weeks with a bit of leeway (days). Census data is different and it is for that reason, despite the fact that CAGROO provides census data, we pay very little emphasis on its validity for making sound investing decisions.

What's the Money Back Guarantee?

Once you sign-up and get onto a paid plan, if within 10 days, you feel that CAGROO isn’t everything we say it is, simply ask for a refund and you’ll have it – no problem.

Need help? Call our smart support team on +617 5641-0203 or +649 889-1324