Distressed Property Alerts

In the world of real estate, mortgagee in possession, deceased estates, disputed properties, properties under bankruptcies and other distressed estates are considered ABSOLUTE GOLD.

However, not only is it hard to find these type of properties, more often than not, by the time you become aware of such a listing, it is already off the market.


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gold mining is tough

Given the value of this kind of information and the competition for trying to secure a bargain, it is really tough to get these listings.

In most cases, a lot of times, people simply rely on the element of luch to strike such gold. But now, with what we have pulled together, GOLD is coming to you.

The quality of our database is second to none and what makes it so much more powerful is the fact that as a student of our SMART Property Education Series, not only do you have cheaper access, you ACTUALLY know what to do with it and how valuable it is for your investment outcomes.

If you’ve been through the lessons in the SMART Renovator and SMART Portfolio Builder series, you will remember the specific attributes these listings have that are absolutely GOLD when it comes to turning a quick profit on a deal.

The only catch is that you need to ACT Fast.

Distressed Property Alerts

What's Included

How It Works

This special database (frankly, we don’t even know how to name this gem… it’s so much more than just a database… for now we’re calling it SMART Property Alerts) gets updated multiple times throughout the day.

As properties from the categories listed on the left hit the market, our system picks them up instantly.

Those records are then sanitized for imperfections and within seconds, the data is sent to all our subscribers by email.

We currently support Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the US markets only. However, negotiations are underway to intercept distressed property listings from other countries too.


Alerts are sent exclusively via. All alerts sent are maintained in the record, so if you didn’t get an email please contact our support team immediately.

It is also recommended to add our domain name (propertymagnets.com.au and propertymagnets.co) in your email service as a “safe-sender”.

You will be given an option to select the country you wish to subscribe for at checkout.









Common Questions

Where is this data from ?

This data is from some government databases, lawyers, estate owners, trustees, gazettes, agencies and other sources where such information is sometimes available. In addition to that, we also work closely with third parties to get premium access to such listings.

Do I get any contact details ?

Yes of course. You get the contact details of whoever is administering the sale. More often than not, you will either see the lawyers handling the transaction or details of an agent appointed by the administrator in the contact section.

Can't I get it online anyway ?

Probably yes. However, by the time you have gone through the gazillion websites where you could possibly find such listings – the opportunity is gone anyway.

The idea is to be first in. Furthermore, how many websites can you track at a time?

which locations are covered ?

Currently we cover all Australian States as well as major metro areas in New Zealand. We are constantly improving our relationships in the industry that has helped us get access to these listings so far and are working toward expanding our reach beyond Australia and NZ.

How recent are the listings ?

Depending on market activity, properties in these categories are coming up 3-4 times throughout the day.  As soon as they are available, we are one of the first ones to get access to it. As soon as we have it, within seconds … you have it.

How do I get the student discount ?

Easy. Just enroll in one or more of our courses and while you will get this “Special” database at a massive discount, you will also learn the property investing greatest strategies that have been kept hidden all these years.