Real Estate Business Opportunity

The Real Estate Business Opportunity offered by Property Magnets is unique. The recent economic crises and the post-covid19 world has made one thing really clear. Everyone needs to have a sustainable revenue stream that does not depend on anyone or anything other than themselves.

"Out of the Box" Business Opportunity

Partner applications are currently open. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to be part of a highly profitable industry of Real Estate Education. Funding options available (subject to terms and conditions) for this business opportunity that runs on auto-pilot, generating revenue while you sleep.

Start Your Own Online Business in the Real Estate Industry

Starting an online business has never been easier. There are multiple online business opportunities out there, ranging from selling products on Amazon to all sorts of network marketing opportunities.

The Property Magnets Online Business opportunity is nothing like that. Its not a network marketing business. Its not a business that requires you to bust your ass trying to make some money by selling low-profit products at high volume.

Its a powerful online business opportunity that is aimed at high performance individuals. It is for anyone that has the confidence and ability to uphold high standards.

Working From Home Is The Way Of The Future

Ever since the Covid-19 lockdowns began, working from home became the new norm. For our business partners, the norm never changed.

Our Real Estate Business Opportunity does not require you to maintain fancy offices or overheads. Its a “Done for You” business model that allows you to work from home, with just your laptop and a phone (also provided to partners (conditions apply)).

You no longer have to put up with a boss in an office, waste time in traffic or be a slave to someone else.


Create a sustainable revenue stream for yourself. A business that you'll own. Not one that'll ever end up owning you.

Best Time to Start A Business

There's Never Been A Better Time To Start Your Own Online Business

Our real estate business opportunity is such that if you take the moment to understand how it works, you will realise that the current environment of crisis is the BEST time to get involved.

Key Highlights

Here’s what our real estate online business opportunity can deliver for you.

Before You Apply

This opportunity is not suitable for everyone. Please read the following carefully before applying for more info.


Our World-Class Education Programs

Get onto the property ladder

At Property Magnets, we are determined to make a difference in the lives of anyone that cares enough about their future, to make an effort to create wealth through property.

We are decisive and action oriented as an educator. We are commercially savvy and visionary as a business. If you’re the same – then together we can create magic.

Our Thought Leadership & Industry Knowledge

thought leadership

We’re not followers. We are leaders. We say and write about industry insights in a way, most industry insiders can’t fathom – cutting through all the noise, and straight to the point.

Our students and partners love that, because they know that in us, they have a trusted voice – one that’s not singing off the same song sheet as MSM.

Take Control Of Your Financial Future

financial freedom

Apply to receive more information about the Property Magnets Business Partner Program.

Please note that a 30 minute phone consultation/interview is required before we accept your application for more information. Hence, please provide accurate information in the form.